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Get details for solving the issue related to Facebook and it's working!!

Facebook is a very well known social networking site that enables the user to get connected with one another so that they can get connected in a very easy way. With the use of Facebook account, one can easily share and send photos, messages, etc to one another. Besides, many Facebook user have made complaints that their Facebook account doesn’t work and creates issues for the user.

Facebook account not working issues mainly occurs when the user have not verified their account or when the credentials for signing in to to the account is not correct. Therefore, so as to solve this type of issue related to the user's Facebook account, the user should follow the troubleshooting methods for the same.

Some of the best way to solve facebook not working issue are mentioned below:

  • First of all the user is required to check whether they are connected with a proper internet connection or not.

  • Then they should make sure that the web browser on which they are accessing their Facebook accounts is compatible with this particular social networking site or not.

  • Also the user should check whether the email credential i.e the Facebook username and password are entered correctly or not.

  • The Facebook settings on which it is configured also needs to be checked as many times the wrong settings leads to this issue.  

  • If the user come across any password related issue, then the user should straightaway reset their account password for it's better working.

Hence, these are some of the major and basic troubleshooting methods that the user needs to undertake so as to solve working issues related to their Facebook account. These methods will help the user in solving this problem so that they can get back the access to their Facebook account.

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Okim pertin

I forgot my fb password and also lost my phone number where I open from my fb account. how do I recovered this fb account?

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