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How to Change Spectrum Wifi Password and Username, Spectrum Router Internet Password

Spectrum provides the fastest internet connection through wifi, routers and modems as well. Spectrum allow a fantastic service where users can turns out their domestic modem or router into a public Wifi hotspot. If anyone using Spectrum cable connection, then it will turn into a public WiFi hotspot easily. But sometimes spectrum users facing password changing issues with their wifi connection or modem devices, so we are offering here tips & trick on  how to change spectrum wifi password or changing spectrum internet router password.

To Changing Spectrum Wifi Password and Username

Following the simple methods to change the username and password of your Spectrum Wifi.

  • To change the spectrum wifi hotspot password>Open web browser>Type then enter>Find login option>Choose manage my Account option>Select Internet>Now you need to locate your Device>Click on See Device Information button>Now you can see your Device information i.e username or password>Click on password>Tap on change password>Enter current password>Now type new password then save.

  • Secondary Option, from the Spectrum application, you can easily change Spectrum Wifi information (Spectrum wifi username/id and Spectrum wifi password)

  • First open the Spectrum App and then enter your email id, username or phone number then enter spectrum App password to log in.

  • Then click the bottom of spectrum home screen and hit on the Internet option.

  • Tap on the Network name(Modem or Router Device Name), Which one you want to change.

  • Click on Change Spectrum Wifi settings.

  • Now enter your old password or Default password.

  • Type new password and re-enter your new password for your Spectrum WiFi.

Above mentioned are the two methods to modify and change your Spectrum Wifi password.

To Changing Spectrum Router Internet Password:

Spectrum gives few routers to its users. So lots of users facing issues with changing spectrum router password, the steps on how to change spectrum modem password are given below.

  • First, users need to open web browser and type to in address bar. Now, users will be redirected to a page where it is displayed; customer username is Admin and password is Password. Spectrum users may even have a blank password.

  • Now on the left side of your system, in the menu section, visit to Gateway, then hit on the Connection button > Wifi button> click on the Edit Account Password Button, which one is next to the wifi network.

  • Now change the Spectrum network password and also the SSID if you can its depends upon users choice then click on the Saving button.

  • In Next Step, users should change the Spectrum modem password as well from the old one.  Follow the steps: Visit Troubleshooting Area>Click on Change Spectrum Password>Enter Current Spectrum Password>Type New Password>Re-enter New Spectrum Password>Hit on Save Button.

Spectrum modem users are now all set with the new Spectrum internet router password. Above mentioned article is on how users can easily change Spectrum router or Spectrum Wifi Passwords. Hope all visitors find our Article helpful.

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