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Youtube Password Recovery Help & How to Recover Youtube Account Password

Youtube is one of the most popular and largest video search engine worldwide. Youtube is a platform, where we can easily upload your videos at free of cost. To access youtube , you should open and login with your Gmail account. Sometimes Youtube users forgot account password and they don’t have any idea, how to recover youtube account So read this article to get solution for Youtube password recovery. 

To Reset Recover Youtube Account: Choose the I don't know my password option and enter your Youtube®(Gmail)address, click on Continue. If you linked a phone number to your Youtube® account, now you need to request a verification code sent in a text message or you can answer security questions under “Verify your identity” section. Finally Youtube account password successfully reset.

What Kind of Issues Faced by Youtube Users?

Youtube users can face a lot of problems to accessing their Youtube account . Some common issues faced by users is mentioned below:

  • Youtube Sign In Issue

  • Youtube Not Opening in Google Chrome Issue

  • Youtube Not Loading on Mac

  • Youtube Not Working Laptop

  • Youtube Not Opening at Computer

  • Youtube Can Not Upload Videos

  • Youtube Does Not Upload Slides

  • Youtube Password Reset Issue

  • Forgot Youtube Password Issue

  • Youtube Application Installation Issue

  • Download Youtube Videos Issue

  • Change Youtube Channel Name Issue

  • Youtube password change

  • Forgot youtube email but know username

  • How to change youtube password 2017

  • Recover youtube account without email

  • Claim a pre-google youtube channel

  • Youtube password hack

  • Youtube account recovery without email

  • Resetting the lost Youtube password

How can the Youtube clients recover the account password?

The Youtube customers may follow the mentioned steps below in order to recover the password of the Youtube account:

  • Firstly, you need to visit

  • The Youtube users should sign in to the account by clicking login button

  • Enter Gmail ID and Password

  • After completing above step, Youtube users need to click on forgot account password

  • Prove your identity (You are not a robot)

  • Now, Google shows some recovery option (It might be your secondary email address, your phone number and security questions)

  • Enter your choice (Recovery email, phone number or answer your secret questions)

  • Now, you will get a account recovery verification link at your secondary email/phone number

  • Then youtube users may click on the recovery link

  • Now, you can see a “Change Password” Box

  • Choose a “New Password” , Re-enter your new password then click on “Done”

  • Finally the users may recover youtube account thus made.

In case, the youtube customers face any other issue related to Youtube account password, then the Youtube client may read full article or contact Youtube password recovery experts by their phone number.

Youtube Password Reset Steps & How to Change Youtube Password

  • It is very simple to change Youtube account password.

  • Go to and click on login page.

  • Submit Gmail account id and password to get access Gmail account

  • Now click on Setting

  • Then Click on the General Setting Page

  • Now, Users can reset account  password and enter a new password.

  • To confirm Gmail account new password, Users need to re-enter the account password

  • After Entered Password, click on save button.

  • Now the Gmail password has been changed and you can open your Gmail(Youtube) account using the new password.

This tutorial on Youtube account password recovery and Youtube password reset is only meant for providing information.

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