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What needs to be done when Comcast router is unable to work !

Comcast is the leading router which provides fantastic features to its user.This router is used by many users in all over the world.With the help of this router,user may get best network connectivity as it focus on the high speed of Internet.

When you use Comcast router then there might be possibility that you may face some technical issues with it.Because of these issues Comcast router does not work in a proper way.If Comcast router not working then you need to fix all the issues.Here are some steps given below to fix it.You need a look on the given below steps:

  • You will have to verify the router is plugged into a working outlet.

  • It is receiving proper power.

  • You will have to ensure that all the physical connections are secure which is attached to the router.

    • For this,you need to check the Coax cable in to the back.

    • You need to check the ethernet cable from other connected devices.

    • You will have to check that router is connected to computer.

  • You need to verify that router is not in standby mode.

  • After That you will have to power off your router and unplug the comcast router.

  • You need to power off your device ,wait for sometime then you will have to turn on the computer.

  • Here you need to check the internet connection  with comcast router.

  • If you are connected to internet then it is ok.

If still you are getting any issue then you need to take help from Comcast support team.Comcast provides highly experienced professional for resolving any issue.They will not let you down to support you.

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