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My Facebook Account Was Hacked and How to Recover Facebook Password

Read this Article When Your Facebook Account Hacked and What is the Procedure to Recover and Reset Facebook Password

So I Posted my last quote of the evening on Facebook thought nothing of it, went to sleep, then I got my account hacked so i woke up in the morning to like, thousand of messages (like every possible form of communications) And all said “you have been hacked” I think you have been 2 times hacked, I guessing this is not you, have been hacked? And i was reading this messages absolutely everywhere. And at first i was confused i am like “how can that be”? I have got all my security right. I have got all my password protected. They are super complex, you know like the longest password you could ever think of. The password that you usually forget. That’s the kind of password that i actually have. What is my Logon password again? So I started scrolling through my feed to see what everyone is telling about.

I was shocked, I could see like 10 20 30 may be 40 articles posted from my name that I would never sanction. Some of the most disgusting filthy and ridiculous content that I would never ever read, let alone share. And it was posted from my name and every time refresh there was more and every time i checked my notification there was another message from someone  in my audiences. After that i started searching troubleshooting steps for facebook password recovery and facebook account recovery in Google then i got a simple and easy facebook password reset steps which is mentioned below.

Facebook Password Recovery Steps:-

  1. Open Your Laptop and Mobile Phone

  2. Now Open Any Web Browser Which You are Using Usually

  3. Enter in Search Bar Option

  4. In Next Step, Enter Your Email Address or Phone Number or Username in First Field then Type Your Password Now Click Next

  5. Now You Need to Click on Forgot Facebook Password

  6. Now You Can See Lot of Options to Recover and Reset Your Facebook Account Password

  7. Choose Anyone From the Recovery Option List then Click Enter

  8. Now Enter Your Email Id or Phone Number and Answers Your Facebook Security Questions

  9. In Next Step, You Will Get a Verification Code on Your Mobile or Email Id

  10. Enter that Verification Code in Given Form

  11. Then Click Enter

  12. Now You Will be Able to Set Up New Facebook Password (Enter 2 Times New Password)

  13. Click on Confirm Button

  14. Now, You Can Use Your Facebook Account by Entering Your New Password

Lots of my facebook friends was saying you have been hacked. And I knew you had not posted them, There was no chance it could have come from anyone I know. I was concerned at first. I thought “what people gonna think about me?” Is everyone going to unfollow and unfriend me? Are people gonna change their mind about whether I am legitimate and what I that about is really stuff that I believe in? And then most of all will I be able to get it to stop?

Today, Then one thing changed everything. I put up a post that said everyone who followed me that it was not me and I was trying my best to get it to stop and I really appreciated their support. I was grateful that they were being patient with me. When I posted that all the comments were things like “we knew it was not you” “We trusted you” and also know you never share stuff like that. And it was incredible for me to see the power of a conscious community.  Now this does not mean that I did not sort out my facebook security. It doesn’t mean i don’t have great password and protection. But what it did, show me, is the power of people. And what I realised is that the hackers can hack my facebook account that is up to them. But the hackers won’t hack my mind because that is up to me.

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