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Apple ID Forgot Security Questions - Change Your Apple ID Security Questions

Change your Apple id security questions with the given method !!

If the user of Apple id is facing issues in changing the security questions for their account, then for this they are supposed to follow the below mentioned steps. Security questions are really important and should be remembered by the user for verification as well as for many other future purposes.

Therefore, if any time the user forgets the security question and are facing issues related to this then they should simply change the questions. For doing this the below mentioned steps needs to be followed by the user or the user can even get in touch with the concerned executives available for the user.

  • First of all the user is supposed to open any web browser on their systems on which they wish to work.

  • Then, after that enter in the address bar of the browser and select on enter.

  • Once the user has gone to this page they are required to enter their Apple id in the given box correctly.

  • Then select on continue and go the next step.

  • The user then is required to select the option of resetting the security questions.

  • After this the user needs to click on continue and should go to the next step.

  • Now the user needs to enter their Apple id account password and after that should select on continue to proceed further.

  • The user then needs to follow the onscreen given details and should process the verification of their identity.

  • After the user have given answers for their verification purpose they need to select on edit the security questions.

  • From the given list the user needs to select for a new security questions and should answer them properly.

  • Lastly, the user need to select on save so as to confirm the changes made in the security questions.

Therefore, these are the steps that the user needs to follow when they are processing apple id forgot security questions method. The user needs to be very careful while processing these steps as any wrong information can create more issues for the user.

On the other hand, if there is still any confusion related to the given steps, then the user can contact the concerned representatives of Apple and can seek help from them. The executives are available for all day on their phone lines and also on live chat services.

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