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The Best 888 Apple Toll-Free Number: Call Now

Apple has always been the top company in producing various electronic items like smartphones, MacBook, iPod, etc. The products are of high quality and till now the company has not compromised with the quality of its products and services. The most advanced features of Apple products have made it a popular choice among the users. No doubt, Apple has been able to attain its height that other companies want to achieve.

Are you an Apple user? Do you own an Apple product? If yes then you are top on technology. Using Apple products gives you a fantastic experience but sometimes you face technical issues with Apple products that need technical support which can be obtained by calling Apple Helpline Phone Number. You can talk with an Apple expert and fix any issues.

Contact Apple Toll Free Helplines Now!

Apple products are made of high quality. But many times users encounter technical glitches that are not known to them. Therefore the only option with them is to call the support team on Apple Toll Free Number and get quick support to fix the issue immediately. Users might face these technical issues:    

  • App Store not responding

  • Unable to login to Apple account    

  • Camera not opening

  • Password issues

Fixed Your iPhone/iPod/Mac Issues By Apple Toll Free Number

IPod issues – This is the best device for music lovers. You can get lots of songs in its massive storage. You have option to download music to your iPod using the internet connectivity via wi-fi. In case you are unable to download and play the music on your iPod then call Apple Helpline Number immediately to get support.

Issues with Mac – Users may face problem while installing mac operating system. There could be other issues related with virus protection, application installation, iCloud issues, data backup issues etc. getting relevant support via Apple Toll Free Phone Number is one of the best ways to fix the issues effectively.

How to take a screenshot on your Mac? Get Help by Apple Phone Lines

Whatever it is for work, school or other computer work, it’s being able to take screenshots of your mac computer an indispensable tool.

  • Take a picture of the whole screen: To take a picture of the entire screen, use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + 3.    

  • Take a picture of a part of the screen: If there is just a specific area of ​​the screen you want to take a picture of, use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + 4. Now, the mouse pointer changes to a “cross pointer” that you can use to draw a selection of what you want to take a picture of.    

  • Take a picture of a particular window: If there is a specific window on your Mac you want to take a picture, use the keyboard     shortcut: Command + Shift + 4 + space bar.

Where is the screenshot saved?

When you have made a screenshot, it is saved by default as an image file on your desktop. If you have Dropbox installed, you can choose to save the screenshot in a special Dropbox folder instead of your desktop. If you have any issues while taking and saving screenshot on your mac computer then call the support team on Apple Help Desk Phone Number and get your query resolved in minutes.

The Best 888 Apple Toll-Free Helplines:-

Apple Toll-Free Phone Number: -1-888-589-0539

Apple Helpline Phone Number:- 1-855-925-7078

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