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Avast unable to Scan

How to deal with the files which Avast cannot scan?

People who use Avast antivirus may find that it is unable to scan some files when they run a complete scan on their system. You must be aware know that Avast is an excellent antivirus which works quite efficiently with all the different devices. Although these files which Avast Antivirus doesn't scan are just simple files that it may not detect due to some uncertain reason, still a person may get worried. The files may require some other element until they are finally able to be detected by the Avast. Therefore, all the necessary details regarding the Avast unable to scan some files are as discussed below.

Why is Avast unable to scan some files?

This is the most common query of the people, who use Avast antivirus to keep their device safe from the different computer viruses. Hence, if you too want to know the exact reasons behind why Avast unable to scan files, then refer to the points discussed below:

  • Whenever you run a complete Avast scan in your device if some files are unable to be scanned by it and you will receive a notification about them
  • These files may be sometime password-protected, hence unable to be scanned by the Avast antivirus
  • Moreover, there can be many other reasons also which may be preventing Avast from scanning a particular file
  • A security program may be protecting the file with a password due to legitimate reasons

How can you handle files Avast unable to scan?

There are a few numbers of things which you should know for dealing with a situation where Avast is unable to scan some files. Hence, a few simple tips for handling the Avast unable to scan files condition are as given below:

  • The first thing you must know to handle a situation like this is that the files which Avast is unable to scan don’t indicate that all those are corrupted
  • These files may be password protected hence Avast is unable to access. Hence let the other program supply the password for it first
  • As soon as the other program supply the password for a particular file and run it, then Avast will also detect it during the scanning
  • Moreover, Avast will block the other suspected files, which may be showing some hidden reasons and leave those files unscanned which are no threat to your device

Therefore, whether Avast is unable to scan files on mac or any other device, you can refer to the above-discussed information to understand the reasons and solutions. Moreover, you can talk to a technical expert from the Avast team to know whether your antivirus is working perfectly fine or not.

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