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Bigpond Account Recovery Help & How to Reset Bigpond Password

Bigpond Account Recovery Page & How to Reset Bigpond Password

Bigpond is free email service provider in Australia. This is the only reason to use Bigpond email account in Australia. Bigpond is developed by Telstra. Bigpond account is very simple to use by the users at any time.

Reset Bigpond username or password. To Reset Bigpond username, User will need their Bigpond email id or Telstra mobile or home phone and DOB of user. If Bigpond user don't know account password,  Telstra can: Resend it to the Bigpond users, if Telstra ID username is also user’s BigPond email address then Bigpond users can easily reset their account name.

How to Recover Telstra Bigpond Email Account Password

Step 1: First, Bigpond users need to sign in their Bigpond email account. If login can not completed, Click the “I forgot my password” page.

Step 2: After completed above steps, Bigpond users need to choose bigpond account recovery option.

Select the suitable option which one can fix users problem. (Other option is preferred)

Step 3: Bigpond email password recovery process now begins, Now Bigpond users will be landed to a page with a CAPTCHA form.(To Verify its Human or Not)

Recover Telstra Bigpond email account when Bigpond email backed up with a mobile phone number or a recovery or alternative email address

Step 4  – Choose Recovery Option (By recovery phone number or alternate email address)

Step 5 - Enter Bigpond account recovery email address or phone number which one mentioned in Telstra bigpond email account.

Step 6 - Now Bigpond user will get a “Verification Code”, Click Submit

Step 7 - By entering the verification code that will taken Bigpond users to Next page, where Bigpond users can easily access their account by changing Bigpond email password.

Step 7 - Once Telstra Bigpond users change their account password then Bigpond users account recovery will be be complete, Now Telstra Bigpond users can access their account.

How to Recover Telstra Bigpond email account, If you don’t have access recovery phone number or email address

Step 5 – What should Bigpond users do if they don’t have an email or a phone number?

If Bigpond email users haven’t secured their Telstra account with alternative email address or a mobile phone number, then Bigpond users need to click on the last option “I don’t have access on my recovery email”.

Step 6 - Telstra Bigpond users need to click on the Next button, where Telstra Asked to submit any working email Id or phone number to get “security code”

Step 7 - Telstra will send a security code on the recovery email address or phone number.

Step 8 - Enter the “Security code” in the dialog box, and press enter.

Step 9 - Now, Telstra Bigpond users need to follow the next step, where Bigpond users can easily access their account by changing the Bigpond password.

By now, the Bigpond account recovery process has been complete.

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Note: This Article on Bigpond Account Password Recovery Procedure is Meant For Information Purpose Only.

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