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How To Change gps Location in iphone

Need to Change GPS Location on iPhone? Get All the Information for iPhone GPS Spoof Without Jailbreak

Since we all are aware of the fact that Apple incorporates the top-notch security practices for their devices. And by enabling GPS location-tracking it takes the protection to the next level. However, there are times when an iPhone user has to breach this feature for any reason. If you are also want to take advantage of the iPhone GPS spoof, then, you can do that by performing a few simple steps. Moreover, it will require a simulator to change your GPS location on your iPhone.

Now you must be thinking about How to change GPS location in iPhone? Well, if it is the concern that haunts you, you should take a long breath and follow this post. As here you would be getting all the required information which will help you to change your GPS location on your iPhone.

How will you change the GPS location on your iPhone?

Make Sure That Your iPhone Is Jailbroken

Once your iPhone is jailbroken you will open it up to get plenty of features that help you to make an alteration in some of its root settings. There are numerous guides and websites available for telling you the process of jailbreaking the iPhone so that you can change the GPS location on your iPhone. In addition, the process may vary from one service provider to another which also depends on the version of iOS you are using.

Download the Relevant Jailbreak Tweak

Next, the thing you need to do is downloading the Jailbreak Tweak using an app that will help you to Jailbreak iPhone. You may use Cydia. Once you installed the app, you should restart the iPhone.

Steps to turn on GPS in iPhone

GPS is a navigation system. It uses the radio waves between satellites and the receiver inside our phones and provides location and time information. Many apps that we use work only when GPS is enabled. For example we cannot use maps if our location service is turned off. So it is important that our GPS is turned on for various apps to work properly. If you are wondering How do I turn location services on or off for my iPhone, then follow the below given steps.

  • Open your iPhone.
  • Go to the settings icon. It is shaped like a gear.
  • Scroll down and towards the bottom you will find ‘Privacy’ option. Open it.
  • Now you will see the ‘Location’ option. Click it.
  • Slide the button given beside ‘Location’. This will turn on the GPS.
  • You can slide the button again to turn the GPS off.
  • After it turns on, a list of apps will appear.
  • You can click on each app and set its location preference.
  • You can select ‘Never’. This will disable the Location Services for that app.
  • You can select ‘While Using’ option. This will allow location access only when the app is active.
  • Or you can select ‘Always’. This will allow Location access all times.

Manually Change the Location in The iPhone

Once you perform the above steps, you are done with the process. The app will work in the background you can exit the app. In addition, you can customize your location as per your requirement and you will be available at two location for two different people.

Aside from this, if you need to learn more about the iPhone GPS spoof without jailbreak, you should not worry about it. You can do it by simply going to the website and can get information to do the same. Moreover, if you need help from a technical expert you may contact the Apple customer service team. The team will provide you instant support to fix the problem you face with your GPS on iPhone.


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