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[Solved] How do i change my spectrum wifi network name and password?

How Do I Change My Spectrum wifi Network Name and Password?

Are you tired of sharing your Wi-Fi connection with many people or you are sensing some security issues with your connection? Well, in both the case, it is good, if you change the connection’s name & password. However, the name and password change process can differ among W-Fi connection, and with Spectrum, the process is quite swift and easy. Here’s how.

Changing The Wi-Fi Network Name Of Spectrum: Steps

The following instructions will help you with the how-to change the wifi name spectrum process.

  • Log in to your Spectrum account via using your web browser and then scroll to the Services section
  • Open your web browser, open the spectrum webpage, and get access to your account.
  • Now, scroll to the Services section and here you’ll find the Internet section in which you can review your network gateway or router’s info.
  • Hereafter, select the blue colored down arrow and then you can see the current name or SSID of your network connection.  
  • Next, select the Update button to make changes into your Spectrum’s Wi-Fi connection name and then hit the Save Changes option for updating the modifications.

Quickly Changing The Wi-Fi Network Password On Spectrum: Steps

Follow the steps listed below to change the spectrum wifi password in your account.

  • At first, open your web browser and sign in to your Spectrum account via using the current credentials.
  • Now, move to the Services section, choose the Internet, and then hit the blue down arrow to view the info for your gateway or router.
  • Here, you can see the password details of your Spectrum Wi-Fi. Thereafter, enter a new password as per your desire but make it stronger and less predictable by others.
  • Finally, select the Update button to save the password changes into your Spectrum account.

Moreover, if you are using the Spectrum application, then also you can use the above-mentioned steps to change Spectrum wifi password or name. Furthermore, contact Spectrum tech support for better assistance.

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