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Acquire knowledge of How to change Xfinity and Comcast Wi-Fi password easily:

Xfinity and Comcast are the same Wi-Fi Hotspots app for iOS which available exclusively for Xfinity internet service that contains Wi-Fi security features to improve the safety and privacy while using certain internet service for the same time. It is the best in order to offer world class internet service that helps to search and download the various things at the same time without having any issue.

It is associated with the Comcast email account used by the users developed by the iTunes apps that automatically connect to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot internet connection. In order to run internet service, this Wi-Fi device is the best source and it is necessary to setup by using an email address and password in the view of providing quite security and service. In case, when the users of this device turn into the suspect of accessing an authorized access, he is required to change the password soon.

To do so a user can save his internet connection and Wi-Fi device always. If having an issue in changing the password contacts its tech excellent tech support team who fix the issue in no time.

Here are the simple steps to change Xfinity Wi-Fi password given below:

  • First of all, start your iPhone device and then switch on the Xfinity Wi-Fi device.

  • Go to the website of Xfinity by typing to open its app and click on the sign in button.

  • Enter the username and password and then click on the sing-in button.

  • After accessing in the device go to the settings and then click on the edit button.

  • Click on the change password option and then enter the new password in the both field.

  • Having changed the password click on the apply button and then run your Xfinity Wi-Fi device typically.

If going to change the password with Comcast Wi-Fi, not to worry as for you are required to get a help from tech support engineer who offers an easy step to fix the issue soon.

Here are the easy ways to change Comcast Wi-Fi Password listed down:

  • Launch the browser and then go to the on the URL address bar.

  • Enter the username and password and then click on the sign in button.

  • Go to Gateway and click on the menu button click on the connection.

  • Click on the Edit button and select the password change option.

  • Enter the old password a code will generate which required entering into the field.

  • Now enter the new password into the both field and click on the apply button finally.  

For more help and information, visit Official Comcast support department (

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