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[Solved] How to fix the Cox Email not working issue?

How to fix the Cox Email not working issue?

Cox email is one of the popular Email Service Provider in the United States and several other countries. The Cox email offers up to 2 GB of space to each email account. A user can make up to ten such email accounts. It is an interactive mailing platform that is known for its performance and security measures. However, sometimes due to some unknown reasons, it can face issues too. If you are also facing a Cox email not working problem, read this article till the last to know how to resolve it.

What are the possible reasons for Cox’s email not working issue?

There are many possible reasons due to which your Cox email account might not be working fine. Some of them are:

  • No internet connectivity: An email web client can not work without internet connectivity.

  • Incompatibility of Cox email with your web browser: Sometimes, your web browser is not compatible with the Cox email client. It can lead to not opening up of the Cox email services.

  • Excessive cache memory and data: Too much cache data can lead to improper or slow functioning of Cox email services.

  • Blockage by Firewall or antivirus: Some antivirus software blocks and create issues in the functioning of Cox email services.

If there are still some unrecognizable issues, you can contact cox email customer service and take assistance to fix the problems.


Utmost Reasons Why Cox Email Not Working

Cox email is one of the fastest internet service providers in the United States. They provide many unique services like you can create multiple email account access a large space to save files. However, the user faces some technical problems that resist working. 

Most of the problems can be managed easily, but users don’t find the exact cause. If your Cox email not working, then read this write-up. We have shared some reasons below, that may help you to fix the Cox email problem. 

1. Send More Than Enough Mails

In Cox email, you are bound to send a limited number of emails every day. It varies from person to person and their membership. So, here first you have to check your mails limit, if it is exceeded, then you can go with the premium one or wait for the next day. 

2. Account Blocked 

New users are not aware of the policy and guidelines of Cox. It creates issues, like blocked or restricts certain activities. If you are facing block issues, then most of them are temporary. To remove them, you can connect with the support team and share the issues.

If they find your reasons genuine, then you can again access your account. 

3. Log In Problem 

It is quite often that person forgets the password or ID. It happens most of the time when users set different passwords for distinct accounts. But you can easily recover it by following the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Go to the login page 
  • Click on the forget password 
  • Select the security question option or phone number
  • Here you may have to answer the question and if you use the number, then you will receive the confirmation code 

Now, you can set a new password. If you think that you want to change your password, then you can do this with Cox email settings. 

These are the top reason behind not working with Cox. You can direct the steps to overcome the issues. And for more complex issues you can interact with the customer support team.


How can you fix the Cox email not working issue?

No matter why your Cox email account is not working, there are ways to fix it. Read ahead to know how to resolve this issue for both PC and mobile.

How to fix Cox email not working issue on PC (Windows or other OS)?

  • Make sure you provide stable internet connectivity to your system. No email services can work without a proper internet connection.

  • Update or change your web browser if it is not compatible with the Cox.

  • Clear the unwanted cookies and cache memory regularly.

  • Check your IMAP/ POP settings again. Make sure you enable them properly.

  • Try disabling the firewall and antivirus software.

How to fix Cox email not working issue on a mobile phone (Android and iOS)?

  • Check your Wi-Fi or internet connection is ON.

  • Make sure that your mobile phone is not on Airplane or Flight mode.

  • Check the storage of your mobile device.

  • If you are using the mobile application of the email services, try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

  • Check your IMAP/ POP settings are correct. Make sure to enable them.

  • Disable the unwanted or third-party apps that might create issues.

If you are unable to Sign-in into your account, you can try recovering and resetting your account. 

With these methods, you can get rid of the Cox email not working issue. However, if the problem persists, you can contact the customer support team to resolve the issue.

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