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Easy Way to Combine Yahoo and Rocketmail Account

How to Combine a Yahoo and Rocketmail Account?

Rocketmail is one of the most availed free webmail services designed and developed by Four11 Corporation. Millions of people are confined with this product and service of this industry and thus few complications coming out to be in the notice is quite obvious. Many of the time it is required to Combine Yahoo mail and Rocketmail account together and thus people need help at that point of time. We are one of the highly reputed organizations that are already involved providing a one-stop solution for all cases. Combining yahoo mail and rocket mail account is required by most of the people because they want to get notification at the same time without putting extra effort of login into both email account simultaneously. This is not so easy process thus users need to grab the support from some techies who are professional in such a process.

How to combine Yahoo and Rocketmail at the same time withing short span of time?:

  • Start with the Sign in to your account of Yahoo and see the top left corner where you need to hit the Options.
  • Now click on the Mail Option in the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the Mail Account under the Advanced Options, then click Add.
  • Here user need to write Rocketmail account that will help you identify it. No one else will see this time.
  • Enter the appropriate Rocketmail email address in the next box then click on Continue.
  • Hit the Skip This, Set Up To Send Only if you only want to send Rocketmail emails from your yahoo account. If you choose this option, you won’t receive any rocketmail email at this account.
  • Now customer will be asked to enter the correct rocketmail username and password in appropriate fields only if you which to receive email at your yahoo account leave the POP server field blank.
  • Tap on the Deliver Email To drop-down menu and select a yahoo folder to contain your rocketmail messages.
  • Choose the advanced options, if required.
  • Hit the option of Save to finish setup and your chosen settings.

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