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Forgot Verizon router password | lost Verizon router password

How to reset the forgotten password of Verizon router?

Are you using the Verizon router and forgot its password? Forgotten Verizon router password is one of the most common issues faced by the users. Well, in such circumstances, you can change the password of your Verizon Wi-Fi with a simple process. There is more than one procedure that helps the user changing its Verizon password. In case you forgot the Verizon router password, which you have already changed, then you have to reset the factory default settings of your router first. However, all the tools for changing the forgotten password of the Verizon router are discussed below one by one. 

Steps for changing the password via My Verizon:

If you have advanced Verizon Fios router, then you can use this method for changing your forgotten password, as explained below:

  • First of all login to your My Verizon account
  • Select the services option for changing the password
  • Next, choose internet option from the list below services
  • From the internet go to the My Network option
  • Then select to manage your account credentials
  • Provide the new password for your Verizon router
  • At last, click save button for storing this new password

Steps for changing the password via My Fios:

Again the users having advanced Verizon Fios router can use this tool for changing the forgotten password of their router as discussed below:

  • Download the Fios app for your Verizon router
  • Then open the Fios app and go to the internet settings
  • Next, go to My Network for selecting your network
  • Thereafter choose edit button for changing password
  • Then enter new credentials for your Verizon router
  • Enter a new password and tap save button

Steps for changing password manually:

All the users who don’t have the advanced Verizon Fios router can go for the manual password change method, as discussed below:

  • Go to your web browser and enter the IP address of your Verizon router
  • Then log in to your Verizon router by proving the username and password
  • The default username of Verizon is admin and the password is given on the Router label
  • Next, you have to reset the default factory settings of the router to change the lost password
  • Thereafter follow the onscreen instructions for changing your router password

Well, you can follow any of the above-given procedure for changing the forgotten password of your Verizon router. All those who are using the advanced router can dial the Verizon Fios customer service phone number to get assistance from their technical support team. You can get help from the Verizon support team anytime while processing the change of a forgotten password, and get the proper guidance. The technical executive from the Verizon support team provides the customary assistance. 

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