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Get Reset Your Forgotten Hotmail Password|Follow the Steps

Process To Reset Forgotten Hotmail Account Password

If you have forgotten your Hotmail account password then you need to recover it to access your account. If your account got hacked by someone then you will face the same password incorrect error. In such a scenario you have to recover your password firs. Recovery of Hotmail password is not a tricky task. You can easily recover your password if you have set account recovery options on your account.

Hotmail Password Reset Process

Hotmail has changed its name to Outlook so you can access your hotmail account through sign in page. You can recover your account after one year of inactivity. To recover your lost password follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Firstly go to the “” home page.

  • Now click on “can't access your account?” link beneath the password field.

  • Select “I forgot my password” option on next page and click “Next”.

  • Now enter your Hotmail account email address in the “Microsoft account” filed.

  • After this select a verification method like recovery email, text message on phone or answer some security question to get access the password reset page.

  • According to your preference a password reset option will be provided to you.

  • By using this method you have to create a new password for your account.

  • Now click on “save” option to make changes permanently.

Once your password has been reset, you can immediately access your account by using this password. You can also take help from technical support team of Hotmail.

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