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Google Account Recovery

Forgetting passwords in today’s time is as common as switching off the fan before leaving the room. Almost every day we exchange mails in offices and at home for every day to day chore. Whether it is an important official deal that you want to crack or getting OTP for bank transactions, we are using mails every day. Still after every few days you will be totally clueless about your password someday. Especially for common mail web platforms like Gmail which is one of the most used email websites. Hence if you also keep forgetting your mail’s credentials and later make a new one resume your work, you can recover your account easily. Now the methods of account recovery equally easy as you forget. Precisely there are mainly three ways through which you can recover your account such as:

Methods to recover Google account:

  • Alternative Email Address
  • Recovery phone number
  • Security questions

Hence you can refer to the above three steps and recover your account depending upon the recovery data you have. A very few people use security questions for account hence if you don’t have details related to email still you can easily do Google account recovery by phone number. To know more refer to the below details for account recovery.

Steps to recover Google account with phone number:

1.Navigate to the official website of Google

.2.Click on the log in link

3. As the login window opens, tap and click on forgot email or password

4. You will be redirected to recovery page of Google

5. Next, choose any one of the recovery options

6. Since we have only one recovery information which is phone number hence pick recovery through a phone number

7. You will be asked to receive a recovery code. Tap yes

8. You will receive a recovery code either by text or call

9.Once you receive the recovery code enter it in the recovery box and press enter

10. Now create a new password for your account and enter it

11. Re-enter it for confirmation and hence you are done

12.Log in once through that password to cross-check. Once successful now you can use it for logging in

Hence follow the above steps and get your account recovered. Keep changing your password from time to time. Moreover, make sure never to share your password with anyone. If in case required you can even do Google account recovery phone number changeFurthermore, in case of any doubt contact customer support.


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