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Google Translate Chrome Extension Not Working

Google Translate Chrome Extension Not Working

Google is one such company that is known worldwide to offer uncountable services to users from all over the world. It is that company that is spread in every section of the market and is the maximum profit-making company in the whole world. People from every corner of the world are fond of its services as it continuously improves its services and also aims to deliver hassle-free services to the users in each part of the world and one such service is Google translate.

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Get to Know About Google Translate Closely

Google translate is a translation machine that can translate diverse languages. It is that multilingual translation machine that is developed and managed by Google.  Now just like any other thing, people may face issues with Google translate too. You do not have to be puzzled if you are also facing the issues with Google translate. Before we jump on to the resolution, let us first know the causes of the issues. Let us know about the causes and resolution both.

Grounds for Google Translate Not working:

  • First and foremost, the issue can be due to the poor internet connection as it is the backbone of all the problems that are related to the browser.
  • The second reason may be due to the accumulation of cookies, caches, and history.
  • Third-party antivirus application can also be the major reason for Google chrome not working. Sometimes, these antivirus applications can stop some of the websites to  perform its functions.
  • These are some of the reasons that lead to Google translate extension not working properly and now let us jump on the process to cure the issue.

Solutions to Fix Google Translate

The following steps can be followed to get rid of Google translate not working in Chrome:

·        In the case where you find that the internet connection is not working, then you can directly contact the service provider.

·        It is expected by the user to clear the history, caches, and cookies of the browser. It will help you get rid of the Google translate extension not working.

·        If the antivirus application is creating the problem, then the user may uninstall the antivirus application.

·        The user may also check Google Translate extension in some another browser.

Therefore, trying the methods above, the user can easily fix his issue. Further, the user may contact the Google translate support number in case the whole server is not working.

Therefore, if you try the above methods, then the issue can easily be fixed. Otherwise, you can contact Google translate customer service.

 How to fix “Google Translate Extension not working”?

Google Translate is one of the best features provided by Google that users can utilize to translate one language to other languages. Users can simply use Google Chrome as extensions on multiple devices and browsers. But sometimes users also experience multiple issues when using it and Google Translate not working is one among those which is highly faced by the users.

In this article, you will be learned about the step by step procedure to fix not working issues of Google Translate on multiple devices.

How to fix Google Translate not working on Chrome:

If the Google Translate has stopped working on Chrome, then there are multiple ways in which you can fix Google Translate not working on Chrome issue very simple and they are mentioned below:

  •         Make sure that you have proper internet connectivity that very important to access the Google Translate extensions on Chrome.
  •         Try to reset your Chrome settings and then access the Translate extensions.
  •         Restart your computer and then again try to use Google Translate on your Chrome.

How to fix Google Translate not working in Mozilla Firefox:

Are you confronting issues when using Google Translate in Mozilla Firefox? Then don’t think too much about that and fix Google Translate not working in Mozilla Firefox through the below steps:

  •         Update your browser to the latest version because of an older Mozilla Firefox version also causes this issue.
  •         Disable the Google Translate extensions in Mozilla Firefox and then install again.
  •         Uninstall the Mozilla Firefox from your computer and then again install it to fix this issue.

How to fix Google Translate not working on iPad:

If you are not able to use Google Translate on your iPad, then you can simply resolve this issue. You can follow the below steps to fix Google Translate not working on iPad issue:

  •        Make sure that you have an active internet connection on your iPad which is must require.
  •        Try another browser if the problem still persists or update the Google Translate app to the latest version.
  •        Restart your iPad and then try to open the Google Translate app and it will work smoothly.

In case you are still confronting Google Translate not working issue after applying the above-mentioned instructions, then contact the customer support team for getting fast and reliable assistance from the experts to fix these problems instantly. 


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