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How Can I Recover my Disabled Facebook Id?

How Can I Recover my Disabled Facebook Id?

Facebook is considered to be one of the most talked, famous and well-known applications. This application came into notice ever since it was introduced amongst users from all over and different parts of the world. It is such a successful social networking website that right now it does not require any further introduction. Every user from different parts of the world is well aware and fond of Facebook and uses it daily. 

This social networking website is also protected with a unique username and password to avoid misuse of photos, images, videos, etc. But, in case if your account gets disabled due to some suspicious activity or whether you deactivated from your wish then you shall sit back and relax as after the request is sent, your account gets deactivated and disabled within the next 14 days. 

However, if you want to get back this disabled Facebook account but do not know how to recover a disabled Facebook account then you can learn the same from the information stated below. 

Simple Steps to Activate Disabled Facebook Account Instantly! 

  1. First of all, open any preferred web browser and go to from the search bar at the top of the page. 

  2. Enter the username in the sign-in page that is displayed in front of you and then proceed to enter the password that you used to enter when logging into the account. 

  3. If a dialogue box gets displayed in front of you stating that your account was nominated for deletion and whether you want to cancel your deletion. Tap on “Cancel Deletion” of the account and tap “Next”. 

  4. It might take a few minutes for the account and its data to resume. And if your profile gets displayed in front of you then you can be sure that your account has been active again. 

But, if you are trying to get back a deleted Facebook account after 14 days then we are sorry then your account is permanently deleted. But, in case you requested temporarily disabled or deactivation of account then your Fb account disabled solved by following the steps above. 

Activating the Account when Disabled from Facebook End! 

If your account was disabled from Facebook itself then you can get the access back by submitting an appeal. And this is how you can proceed if you do not know how to submit an appeal. 

  1. Start by opening a preferred web browser and go to from its search bar. 

  2. Enter the username that you want to recover and then proceed further to enter the password. 

  3. If you see “Account Disabled from Facebook” then you can go to the link “My Facebook Page has been disabled” such that you are taken to a new screen. 

  4. To get back the account, enter the username again and tap “Submit Appeal” such that your page is activated. 

  5. This can be done when you enter your username, email or phone number along with your full name as on Facebook and your IDs (Picture) and tap “Next”. 

  6. An email will be sent to Facebook and your alternate email where you can follow the instructions as stated. 

In case you want any further help then you can contact Facebook customer support that is 24/7 active.

How Do I Deactivate My Facebook Account on Desktop or Computer?

Using multiple social media accounts is one of the most common things among the users but it is also difficult to manage these accounts at the same time. Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps used by the billions of users across the world which is known for its best in class and reliable features. But there are lots of users who wish to delete their Facebook account due to multiple reasons. There are multiple ways to delete the Facebook account that users can use to delete their accounts. Users can use varied devices to delete Facebook account such as phone and computer in a very simple manner.

How to Deactivate Facebook on Desktop?

Do you access the Facebook account on your desktop? But due to sudden reasons, you want to delete your Facebook account? Then you can simply delete it as Facebook allow the users to deactivate their account without any difficulty. The process of deactivating the Facebook accounts is very simple and if you want to know how to deactivate Facebook on desktop, then you can go through the mentioned process to deactivate in a very proper manner.

Steps of Facebook account deletion on Desktop:

  • First of all, open a browser on your computer via and it will be redirected to the official sign-in page.

  • Now you will need to login to your Facebook account using your username and password.

  • Click on the arrow icon which is available at the top-right side of the screen.

  • Click on Settings.

  • Now Click on the Settings & Privacy section.

  • After that, click on Deactivate and Deletion.

  • Now select Deactivate Account option and then select the reason for account deletion.

  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account deletion process of the Facebook account.

With the help of the above-given steps, you may know how to deactivate Facebook on computer 2020 in a very easy way. But if you are still not able to deactivate your Facebook account or have any query, then contact the support team of Facebook for the relevant assistance.

Why Facebook disabled my account for no reason?

Steps involved in resolving the issue of a Facebook account that has been disabled:

We sometimes face a tough time when our Facebook account is disabled. The security check can be the biggest reason behind this. your account can be compromised of malware or malicious software that can lead to the disabled account. To recover the account, you can take the below-mentioned steps. By following these steps, your account can be recovered.

Steps that need to be taken to fix the issue:

If you want to make your Facebook disabled account appeal work, then the necessary steps should be taken to eradicate the issue:

  • The first step is to contact the help center of Facebook and type “Disabled” in the search field.
  • Then, you have to click on “My personal Facebook account is disabled” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, scroll down to paragraph above the section of “Security disabled” and click on the link to navigate to the form for disabled profiles.
  • Fill in the form including the details and the reason for disabling the account.
  • Click on the submit button that will be blue and located beneath the form.
  • You will be notified by Facebook once the decision is taken about your account.

We hope that the steps mentioned above will make your FB account disabled solved. If you find that the account is still disabled and the issue is persisting, you can take the help of the executives to get aid from them. More tips and guidance will be provided to them regarding this. Their services are always available for the clients.

How do I stop Facebook from disabling my account?

We sometimes encounter the situation of our Facebook account being disabled. The main reason for being the account disabled can be Security. It is not like that the users cannot disable their accounts by themselves. Sometimes, it gets disabled by Facebook too. This can be because users have violated the terms of service or the account is reported. There can be the case when your account is comprised of phishing app, malware or any software that is considered malicious. So, you can easily reactivate your account if it is done by you. But, if Facebook has disabled it, then you have to contact Facebook to plead the case so that your account can be reactivated.

Things to remember in this case:

  • The users should review the statement of the right and responsibilities of Facebook. These will be the terms of use for Facebook. You should make sure that you are not violating any rule as a user of Facebook.
  • You should also review the community standard of Facebook. This will be a list that of all kinds of content and the behavior that will not be allowed by Facebook. You, as a user, should not be engaged in any conduct and should not also post any content that can violate the standards.

Steps that need to be taken to fix the issue:

If you want to get your Facebook disabled account appeal to working out, you can take the steps that we are mentioning below. These steps will help you out to get the issue resolved.

  • You can contact the help center of Facebook by visiting Facebook and typing “Disabled” in the search field.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu that will appear, you have to click on “My personal Facebook account is disabled”.
  • You will have to scroll down to the paragraph that you will find just above the section of “Security Disabled”. You have to click on the link “Here” in the paragraph so that you can navigate to the contact form for the disabled profiles.
  • For this, you have to fill in the form that will include the details and the reasons for which your Facebook account has been disabled.
  • You have to click on the “Submit” button that will be blue. This will be located beneath the form to submit it.
  • You will be contacted by Facebook once the decision is taken about your Facebook account.

We hope that will make your FB account disabled solved. If it is still not resolved, you can take the help of the executives to get the resolution to their problem. They will provide you with tips to get you out of this situation.

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