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How do I change my name on Facebook? FB Support

How do I Change My Name on Facebook? FB Support

Facebook is the largest social media platform that has been carried out as the biggest business tool. There are many people who joined as normal user later wants to use it for some other purpose. However, Facebook does not create any obstacle to make changes. Now, most people find it hard to change the name, or they worry about the process. First of all, it is crucial to know Can you rename your Facebook name? To know this, you can read further and make sure you follow this guide. 

Does Facebook let you change your name?

Yes, Facebook provides the option through which you can change your name. However, if you are willing to change the name multiple times, like quite frequently, you are against policy. But, for some purpose, you can do this, but try not to break terms and conditions. 

Now, you must be wondering that How do I change my name on Facebook? If yes, then you need to direct some steps that are mentioned below. But, make sure you are following every step to make the process smooth. 

Steps to change the name on Faceboo

There are very easy and straightforward to direct steps that you can follow from your phone or on desktop. But, when you make the mobile application, then you can turn the whole process fast and get the procedure done in a few minutes. 

  1. First of all, open Facebook on any device or compatible browser. 
  2. Next, click on the login page, and you can see the entire new page where you need to mention the details like ID that could be phone number or mail id. And you have to mention this and then click on the “password.” 
  3. Once you mention the password, then click on the “login” and access your page. 
  4. Here you might run a different account so you can choose one that you want to change. If you make any mistake over here, then you have to rerun the whole process. 
  5. Next, when you open your profile, you have to click on your profile where you have uploaded the pictures. 
  6. In addition, you see the various options below the profile option. It means here you can change anything and learn about the things that you have followed or liked. 
  7. There is no fixed position when you scroll down, so you might have to scroll down and look at the various options.
  8. Now, you can see the option for an account. Here you can check all the activities and check the privacy of your account and do many other things. 
  9. When you click on this, then you can see the drop-down menu. In this, select the “Name change” option. 
  10. However, you cannot change the name directly. There are some simple things that Facebook will check, first they will check the identity, and second they need the person’s identity. 
  11. So when you click on the Name section, then you can see the edit option. It means here you can edit your name. Before you set the new one, you must mention the account password and the old full name. Make sure you review the new name and then come to the final decision of submission 
  12. After providing this, you have to submit it and allow the changes. It may happen that it will take a few minutes to check the name as it should not violets the policy. 

In this way, you can change your name and if you are looking for What happens when you change your name on Facebook? Then nothing will happen, though, the tags may be replaced with the new name, and in some cases, Facebook will remove tags but from old photos. 

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