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How do I log into Amazon without OTP?

How do I log into Amazon without OTP?

Amazon is largely an e-commerce company, wherein it also specializes in digital streaming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The 3Cs of Amazon stands for Earth’s most Customer Centric Company. This is Amazon’s slogan/motto as well. It is a customer obsessed company, where the customer’s needs comes in above anyone else’s, no matter who.

You can buy or sell anything over this platform provided by Amazon. Basically, Amazon does not own a single product which it delivers to its customers. It is a platform where buyers and sellers meet. Sellers enlist their products on Amazon, and according to their needs and spending capacity, buyers purchase their items.

In order to avail such benefits, you have to have an account with Amazon. In case you are a first time user, and are wondering How do I log into Amazon without OTP, then the following steps shall help you out-

  1. Open Amazon website, and click on Accounts and Lists
  2. A drop-down appears where you shall be asked to sign-in
  3. Sign-in in case you are already an Amazon customer
  4. If you are not, then you need to click on Start Here tab

Once you are logged in then you can navigate to the customer service page, where you can request for a call back. The number which you logged in from shall be present on the screen, and a question would be asked , whether the customer service associate shall connect to you on this given number. You have to select yes. Once you do that, automatically, you shall receive a call from an Amazon customer service representative. Then you need to explain to him/her your query. The representative shall do his best to provide you with a solution. If he is not, you can place a request of call back again. This time you shall be connected to a senior who shall resolve your problem and provide you with the resolution. 

If you are thinking Why is my Amazon verification code not working, then you might be having an issue with your browser or the service provider of your phone.- Set your browser to block the use of cookies,

  1. Clearing your cache or deleting cookies, for this you need to check browser settings,
  2. Update your laptop, or apps on device, including your web browsers
  3. Accessing Seller Central tab from a web browser than from the one you used to add the trusted device
  4. Use of  a browser toolbar that might affects browser settings
  5. Avoid using anonymous browser mode or programs that obscure identity, including the use of proxy
  6. If you have used the Amazon seller mobile app, logging out from  it may reset the trusted device status on your mobile device
  7. Accessing Seller Central from various locations or networks which may be LAN, WAN, WLAN or changes to your IP address.

If you have multiple users who use the same login credentials may increase these discrepancies , so make sure that each person accessing your account has their own login information. Have a look at Set user permissions for more information.


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