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How do I recover a Gmail account that has been deleted?

Gmail is the free email service among different services of Google.It is a mail application that can be easily manageable because of strong security settings.It might not be completely perfect but declared as the best email application as comparison to others.There are complete unique set of features which is easy for a user to understand.Apart from all these aspects,individual may face certain situations where user requires certain help.To get help in such conditions,there is need  to reach technical team.

Issues that has been fixed by experts of Gmail:

  1. Why Gmail account is opening after entering email address and password?

  2. How my mails got deleted?

  3. How can I use Advanced search option in Gmail?

  4. Why Gmail account is sending only spams?

  5. How may I add new contacts to my Gmail account?

  6. How to restrict emails from unwanted email address?

  7. How the spam errors can be avoided?

Number of issues has been listed here,individual can demand solution to any of them.It is required for an individual to reach support team immediately.After contacting support team,it is required for a user to explain their issue to tech experts.Technical support engineers will try to understand your problem and suggest you with some useful solution.

People may have obtained solution to number of issue.Here,individual can see resolution to ne:

How to recover Gmail account that has been deleted?

  • It is first required to click Google password assistance page
  • From your “Sign in” page, user should select “I am having other problems signing in”
  • User should enter email address and tap“Continue” to go further
  • There is need to enter both old and new password
  • Click the option of “Submit a recovery request”.
  • When entering the new password, tap “Continue” button
  • Account holders will now direct to the page that confirms account deletion
  • Now, individual can see recovery request form on the page, click it .
  • After you click recovery request form, a series of steps will appear to complete the verification process
  • Enter your email address that has been used currently and answer the associated questions to password.
  • User will now be asked about last time use of lost account and also when it was created.
  • It is now required to access current email address,Google will send an email to that.
  • Individual should check email and click attached link for creating a new password to that account.
  • When the process will get complete,Gmail account will be deleted successfully

There are still some users who will not be satisfied by the solution of the above issue, it is required for them to visit help forum and write your query to get instant answers for your questions.

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