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How do I Reset my Cox Internet? [Solved]

Cox is an Internet service provider which gives a high-speed internet service to its users for domestic and business usage. Though the Cox internet offers high-speed internet service sometimes users face some issue with its speed and think to reset Cox internet. If you are also looking for a procedure to reset Cox internet services then you must go through this article in order to resolve your issue with the Cox internet.

Apart from this, Cox also provides cable service which offers you to watch your programs on your TV without any difficulty. As you need to reset Cox internet you can do this by rebooting the modem or by checking the cord connections between the modem and the device. Sometimes due to a loose connection of wires or cord may lead you to face the issue in accessing the Cox internet services.

How can I reset my Cox internet?

Though there is nothing hard nut to crack in resetting the Cox internet people sometimes get stuck with an issue while resetting the internet. Hence in order to minimise the issues with Cox internet here is a series of steps, one should follow the steps to reset cox internet.

  1. First of all, you will require to turn off the computer connected to WiFi device.

  2. Then you need to unplug the power cord of the Modem.

  3. Also, if the router is connected to the device, you need to unplug the power cord of the router.

  4. In addition check for all the loose cables, also check for ports, if it is connected properly or not.

  5. Now you need to plug back in the modem.

  6. Now you need to turn on the computer and open the web browser and search for any website if it is loading the content available on the website then you are done with it.

  7. Otherwise, you would require to reboot the internet modem by going to the Network screen and click on the Reboot option present over there.

If the above steps won't help you out then you need to contact the customer service team. In addition, the Cox customer service is accessible over the phone call, live chat support. Or else, you can get online customer support by contacting the support team. Besides, the customer service team of Cox internet offers its support service around the clock through the skilled and experienced support executives.

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