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How do I save a location on Google Maps in Iphone?

How do I save a location on Google Maps Iphone?

Become versed on how to save a location on Google maps on an iPhone device:

Google map is user-friendly service created by the users on several devices. By this way, if you have created Google map then when you open your iPhone device, you have perhaps noticed the location of your address which is already saved by default on the Google map. You need to download the Google Chrome browser to your iPhone device so that you can see your already saved maps on your iPhone device.

If you are unable to notice, you must go to the Apple store to start the service and you can view to save a location on Google maps. For that aim, make sure you are signed into your Google account through Chrome browser that accessing to the maps convenient enough to save the location on the map directly on your iPhone device. Maliciously, if you fail to do so then in this article, you can have simple and short tutorials to perform the tasks with ease.

Here are the ways to save a location on Google Maps iPhone conveniently:

  • At first, open your iPhone device and go to the Google Chrome browser or select Google maps app.

  • Sign in your Google account by using correct email address and password.

  • Go to the map where you can search for desired address and map will appear with location name at the bottom.

  • You can tap location at the bottom and tap save button stars will turn gold when saved the location.

  • You can even tap the desired location and tap on the travel time in order to display your current location along with the where you are going.

  • Tap on the travel time again and then, tap start button and thereafter wherever you will go Google maps will show you the locations in details you have saved.

Not only this, you can even edit the location at any time and can save easily. Once you are done editing then click the check mark icon in the top-right corner of the screen and exit out of the editing mode finally.

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