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How do I stop Facebook asking for my phone number?

How do I Stop Facebook Asking for my Phone Number?

Facebook is the broadest social media platform that provides an excellent facility to find friends & family, share photos, and play games with your friends at any time. It is now common for the social media network that offers comfortable access to your online business. It provides robust security and privacy to secure critical data and protect all posts from unauthorized access. Facebook helps you to keep your entire data and your friends secure for a longer time with the help of its settings that you can always use on your Facebook account. Hence, Facebook has activated significant privacy for dealing people's phone number when its comes to asking for the verifications. A Facebook account Phone number can be a mandatory verification resource, but you can use other options like security questions, email service, and the official website of Facebook account.

Is it possible to use Facebook without a phone number?

Facebook always advises you to recover your account without a phone number as you can use the security questions and email addresses to proceed. You can typically use a Facebook website and your email address and password to access your Facebook account quickly. So if you don't want to use a Facebook phone number, you can go through the other verification resources that help manage your Facebook account appropriately. Your phone number can be used in various ways to access your Facebook account; however, you can stop Facebook from asking for a phone number and try some other resources on your Facebook account appropriately.

How to stop Facebook from asking for a phone number:

Facebook generally asks you to add your phone number to verify your account, security, and privacy and recover forgotten passwords using phone numbers. But still, there is an option to verify your account without asking for a phone number on Facebook. It is true that Facebook also uses your phone number to suggest people you may know so can you can connect with them on Facebook conveniently. Many users don't want to share their phone numbers on Facebook, and for that, they need to know some of the best settings helps them to stop asking for phone numbers on Facebook. If you ask how do I stop Facebook from asking for my phone number, you need to do some specific settings to avoid sharing your phone number in public.

Get helpful advice to stop Facebook from asking a phone number:

In this social network, the users can find their phone number in its database, and some of which are associated with internet users are not on the Facebook account. So when once Facebook scraped your phone number, you can't delete it from the social media database, and other people can use it to look you up on your Facebook account quickly. But you can reduce this limit by changing some settings and stop Facebook from asking for a phone number every time. Let's get started:

  • At first, go to the Facebook account sign-in page and click on the log-in button to enter the credentials to access your Facebook account quickly.
  • Go to the settings option shown above on the page, click on the settings and privacy option, and go to the general settings and select privacy settings.
  • Scroll down to find How people can find and contact your option and select who can look you up using the phone number you provided.
  • You can select the settings as per your requirement and choose none or me check mark if you don't want to show your phone number in public.
  • You can also go to the verification section to remove your phone number and enter the security question or email address to stop your Facebook from asking phone number during the verification task.
  • After changing the security & privacy settings, you can close the window tab and use your Facebook account without asking phone number by Facebook every time.

If you want to know more information about the Facebook account's services, feel free to call the Facebook account contact Number is available to assist you at your suitable time quickly. 

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