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How Long Does it Take Facebook to Verify Photo to Unlock my Account?

How Long Does it Take Facebook to Verify Photo to Unlock my Account?

Are you one of those users who are using photo ID to complete Facebook account verification? Then, you can quickly restore access to your account. However, users are looking for details about the duration Facebook takes to verify the Photo Id. As mentioned on the official help page, it might take 48 hours to complete the verification process. If the user fails to get a response from the support representative, then the user can reach out to the support representative. 

Still, if the users have doubts about How long does it take Facebook to verify photo to unlock my account? They can feel free to visit the help page of Facebook and restore access to their Facebook account in time. 

How much time does Facebook take to review an account? 

Being locked out of the personal or business Facebook account can be frustrating, and all one wishes to access their account in time. So, in such situations, the user can send their Facebook account for review to unlock their account.

Now, for users who are concerned, How long does it take to review an account? In most situations, it depends. Further, there is no exact time frame offered by Facebook to review an account, but typically the review process can be completed within 48 hours or might take up to 45 days. 

However, if there is a delay by the users while requesting a review and it is longer than 30 days from the day the account was disabled, then the Facebook account will be disabled permanently, and the user will not be able to request a review. 

Still, users can clear their doubts regarding the same by visiting the help page of Facebook or by contacting the Facebook live agent. 

How can users bypass the Facebook verification process?

Now, the users who are finding ways to bypass the Facebook verification process can go through the instructions shared in this article and manage their account settings in time to access uninterrupted services. 

a) Bypassing photo verification 

To bypass photo verification for a Facebook account, the user needs to download a VPN service on their device and follow the instructions shared below:

  • After downloading the VPN service, the user can log in to the particular application.
  • Now, the user can open the preferred browser and access the Facebook services. 
  • Then, the user can fill in the required information like date of birth, phone number to complete the verification.
  • Once the verification is completed, the user can re-activate their Facebook account. 

b) Bypassing phone verification 

Besides, for users finding details on How To Bypass Facebook Verification Process? They can even bypass the phone verification by using a virtual phone number. And for users unaware of the procedure can follow the instructions shared below.

  • The user can opt for an online service to get a virtual phone number. 
  • Then, users can access Facebook and enter the virtual phone number they have purchased. 
  • Now, the user can confirm the number by using give me call option. 
  • Further, the user will get a code over the phone call that they need to enter to complete the verification process. 

Thus, these are the few methods using which the user can bypass the Facebook account verification process. But, for any reason, if the user fails to bypass the Facebook account, they can perform an online search or search for the other options to complete the verification process. 

And now, as the users are aware of the unlocking procedures and time durations, one can use the information provided to get back their account and manage the Facebook account settings accordingly to access uninterrupted services.

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