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How Long Does Yahoo Keep an Inactive Email Account?

How Long Does Yahoo Keep an Inactive Email Account?

Yahoo is the free webmail service through which users can very smoothly & easily get their emails services on a very faster note. With the help of Yahoo services, the user has the services done on a faster speed in sending & receiving of emails. Yahoo is an American web service provider. Yahoo is the most used email service that enables you from getting issues in getting emails & sending them.

Yahoo is a web portal, a search engine that is known as Yahoo search, & it also provides services like;

  1. My Yahoo
  2. Yahoo Mail
  3. Yahoo News
  4. Yahoo Finance
  5. Yahoo Sports
  6. The Advertising Platforms (Verizon Media Native).

But sometimes it has been seen that if the user hasn’t used his/her Yahoo account for the past many months or so. Then in case you want to know about How Long Does Yahoo keep an inactive email account, then you should know that the Yahoo service team shuts down the users account after around 12 months, like they inactivate user Yahoo email account or delete your account from the normal services like from operating.

How to get Yahoo Account Recovery without a Phone Number?

Sometimes it has been seen that user lost their phone or are not able to access their phone in a proper manner & they lose control from every single app installed into their phone. Then in those case users, Yahoo Account recovery with the help of phone numbers is quite difficult & not possible. Now in this situation, Yahoo Account Recovery without Phone Number, is not possible & the alternative options you can use are two & that is “Alternate Email Address” & “Security Questions”.

Now in this case firstly go through the process of Alternate Email Addresses because without a mobile number also account recovery can be done with these below mentioned steps for Alternate email addresses;

  1. At first you have to sign in to the Yahoo page to get started with the account recovery process
  2. Then their enter the email address or phone number using which you created your Yahoo account & click next
  3. On the next page you have to enter the password or just click on the forgot password option
  4. Now at the very next page you will see the available recovery options like an alternate email address or your mobile number
  5. There select the option alternate email address & you will receive the verification code on your alternate email address & then just enter the code & click on verify
  6. Now at last you will get the page where you have to create a new password for your Yahoo account & enter it twice & just click the continue button & with an alternate email address you can recover your Yahoo account.

Now if in case you need to know the Yahoo Account Recovery, process through the help of Security Questions so that you get to know about another alternate option for Yahoo account recovery.

Then for that purpose, you need to go through these below-mentioned steps that are a good source or option of recovery;

  1. Firstly go to the Yahoo sign-in helper page & when you reach the password section lick on forgot password option
  2. Now out of the recovery options available, click on the use my secret questions & tap on the next option
  3. Now just enter the correct answers to the security questions that have been asked & once the security question path gets over
  4. Then you get the page where you can enter a new password
  5.  At last enter a strong password & lick on next so to end the Yahoo password recovery process & your account gets recovered automatically.

However, if you need more information & knowledge about Yahoo Account Recovery then feel free to contact the customer care support service team for help & for appropriate guidance.

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