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How to Block Senders in Microsoft Hotmail

How to block senders in Hotmail and what are the steps to secure Hotmail account from hackers?

Undoubtedly Hotmail is one of the most widely used email clients around the world. Hotmail has free storage space of over 7.5 GB and attachments of size 25 MB are sent across Hotmail emails. Hotmail POP3 settings help in downloading of messages and virus scan & security protects the email account.

Hotmail user can also block certain users in Hotmail from sending any further emails. Steps to block the sender in Hotmail account is follows –

  • Open the Hotmail account and sign-in to the account using the login credentials.
  • Select the gear button and then choose More mail settings.
  • Now under ‘Preventing junk mail’ choose Safe and blocked senders.
  • Next select the option Blocked Senders.
  • Enter the email address user wants to block and click add to list.
  • Email address will be added to blocked senders and user will not be able to send any further emails.

If the settings are not working then it is advisable to contact the Hotmail customer service over the solution of the issues. Service experts deal with the problems precisely.

How to Secure Hotmail Account From Hackers

Hotmail provides security of the account details from the hackers but the account needs to be updated regularly for the new security barriers.  There are few common measures to prevent the emails from outside attack. Steps to prevent emails from hacking are as follows –

  • It is recommended not to open or explore the unfamiliar emails. Do not click on links or messages which are suspicious.
  • Install the anti-spyware and update them regularly to prevent it from any outside attack of hackers.
  • Avoid login into the account from any un-trusted system which is an easy process for the hackers to collect the user login IDs and password.

Is there any problem or issue with the Hotmail account? Is the Hotmail account being hacked or any data missing from the Hotmail account? Contact the email technical experts for assistance over the resolution of the issues. Avail the technical expertise of the support team and resolve the email issues.

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