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[Solved] - How to block someone on Facebook?

[Solved] - How to block someone on Facebook?


A Brief Guide On Blocking Someone On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most amazing, reliable, and interesting platforms for performing digital social interaction, marketing, and business activities. Billions of users enjoy their digital interactions with other users and enjoy the benefits of its features. However, due to privacy concerns, many users wish to block other people with whom either they don't want to communicate or want in their friend list. Besides, sometimes they also wish to block people who are not even on their friend list.

So, before you move on to know about how to block someone on Facebook, you must know that once you have blocked someone, you will not be able to contact the other person at all. In fact, you will not be able to communicate with him/her in any way. However, the other person will also not be able to poke you, see your profile, send an invitation, or direct messages. Besides, you can block anyone from your friend list or the users who are not even connected to your friend list too.  Therefore, follow the instructions entailed in the further sections of the post and get to know about blocking someone on Facebook.

Steps To Block Someone On Facebook Via Computer

The following steps will help to understand how to permanently block someone on Facebook within no time on your PC.

  • First, fire up your preferred web browser, visit the account login page on Facebook, and then get access to your account.
  • In your account, navigate to the user's profile to who you wish to block or scroll to the search bar on the top and then enter the name of the user.
  • Once the user's profile pops up, you will need to move to the ellipsis icon or the three dots available next to the Message button.
  • Now, you will see a menu list including multiple options, and you will need to select the Block option.
  • On the next pop up screen, hit the Continue button, and then again click on the Block to

confirm the request. Therefore, the other user should be blocked now.

Steps To Block Someone On Facebook Via Mobile Or Mobile App

In case, if you are wondering how to permanently block someone on Facebook via mobile app then the following steps will help you with that.

  • In your Android or iOS mobile device, login to the Facebook account via a web browser or the mobile app (if haven't already).
  • Now, scroll to the search bar on the top, mention the name of the user to whom you wish to block.
  • Now, scroll to the three dots icon on the top right below the cover photo, and then tap on it.
  • Hereafter, select Block option from the menu option, and then confirm the request via tapping on the Block option once again.

Will The Other User Know That They Are Blocked?

There is s no doubt that you will have concerns regarding how to block someone on Facebook without them knowing. Well, with the aforementioned steps, you will be successfully able to do that, and no notification will be sent to the blocked users about it. However, if the blocked user navigates to your personal profile on Facebook, then he/she might be able to come to know that they have been blocked by you. Besides, they will also not b able to send you any messages (DMs) or tag you in posts. Therefore, you should not worry about blocking someone on Facebook as they won't get to know about it.

Moreover, if you still have any queries about how to block someone on Facebook then feel free to contact the tech support professionals at Facebook, and take the best assistance from them.


How to block someone on Facebook messenger?

Do you want to stop a person from contacting you on Facebook messenger? If so, then blocking that individual from your Facebook messenger is the ideal solution for it. You might have already blocked some people on your Facebook account, but if you want to stop them from contacting you on messenger, then it is a little different. When you block a person on messenger but not from your Facebook account, then you can still view their profile. Apart from that, you must understand that the process to block someone on Facebook messenger via different devices is slightly changed. Hence, more definite information regarding the procedure to block some person on Facebook messenger is as discussed below.

What is the process to block someone on Facebook messenger?

Those who don't have a clear knowledge regarding how to block someone on Facebook messenger via different platforms are welcome here for collecting the right information about it from below.

Desktop Facebook Messenger website

  • Visit the Facebook messenger website on your desktop browser
  • Then move your mouse to the conversation with that specific individual whom you want to block
  • After that click horizontal dots to access block messages option and then confirm

Desktop Facebook messenger app

  • Launch your Facebook messenger app on desktop
  • Then move to the chatbox and open conversation you want to block
  • Next hit the three vertical dots to open block on messenger option
  • At last, hit block button to stop that individual from contacting you

Android Facebook messenger app

  • Open Messenger app on your android phone
  • Then view the conversation from a person whom you wish to block and tap on their name
  • Next, scroll down towards block on messenger tab and press the button for stopping that person

iPhone Facebook messenger app

  • Launch your messenger app on iPhone
  • Next, move to the conversation box and select the name of the person whom you want to block
  • After that scroll down to block on messenger tab and press block button for confirmation

Now you know how to block someone on Facebook messenger android, iPhone, desktop, or other similar devices. This way, you can stop those people from contacting you on the Facebook messenger who is sending any disturbing messages that you don't like to receive in the future. Besides that, if you ever face any other trouble while using Facebook services, you can get support from their technical expert by contacting them.

How to block someone on Facebook on the iPhone?

Indeed, Facebook is a great social network application that has helped users to easily reach out to family and friends living at far off places and helped businesses to grow rapidly. However, lately, Facebook has become one of the popular platforms for spammers that send bogus emails and messages to other users. Fortunately, this issue can be avoided by using the blocking feature introduced by Facebook. So, for the users who are looking for information on how they can block on Facebook, they can check out the info provided below in this article. 

Blocking users on Facebook using iPhone

For the users who are constantly facing issues with the spam messages and unnecessary invitations, they can easily block the users using their Facebook app. Furthermore, for the users who are looking for steps on how to block someone on Facebook on iPhone, they can follow the instructions listed below. 

  • To initiate the blocking process, the user is required to tap on the Settings section in the app. 
  • Further, tap on Settings and privacy options and tap on the Settings option. 
  • Now, scroll down to the privacy option and tap on the blocking. 
  • Then, enter the username that needs to be blocked.
  • Further, from the provided list of users pick one that needs to be blocked and click on Block. 
  • Further, tap on Block and confirm the same. 

Thus, this is the simple procedure on how to block a person on Facebook on iPhone that one can follow to get rid of unwanted spam messages and notifications. Besides, if the user fails to block the particular user or has some issues with the process, they can reach out to the Facebook support to seek the required assistance. 

So, next time whenever you wish to block a user on Facebook using the iPhone, simply follow the instructions provided and avoid further issues. 

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