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How To Categorize Emails In Gmail?

How To Categorize Emails In Gmail?

Google mail is the email account service which will enable easy email management features. Users can manage the emails better than any other email client. One of the important features is to categorize the emails in the account. The best way to do that is by using labels and it is better than Gmail folders. The feature making the labels better than folders is that users can put any message in any number of folders without any trouble. This article will provide steps to create and maintain labels. Also, get the troubleshooting steps from the Gmail support experts.

Here are the steps to create a label in Gmail –

  • Go to Gmail Inbox and under list of labels, click ‘More’.

  • Now select the option ‘Create new label’ and type the desired name for the label.

  • Next click ‘OK’ to save the changes.

Here are the steps to open a label –

  • On the Gmail display, click the desired label to the left.

  • If the label is visible then click ‘More’ and click the desired label.

  • Also, using a keyboard shortcut user can go to any label.

Here are the steps to app a label to a message –

  • Click on the email to open it and tap on ‘Labels’.

  • For easy and fast access, the user can also press ‘I’.

  • Click the desired label and start typing the desired label’s name if that is not highlighted.

  • Now click ‘Enter’.

Not able to categorize emails in Gmail? Contact Gmail technical support for help. The support team will provide all the assistance over the helpline number at an easy cost.

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