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How to clean up your Facebook profile?

How to clean up your Facebook profile?

A quick guide on how one can easily clean up their Facebook profile 

Cleaning up your Facebook profile once or twice a year is a great idea no matter whether your account is one year or decade older. By performing this simple task, your friends and followers can easily find relevant information that is both welcoming and interesting. So, in case, if you are looking for information on how to clean up your Facebook profile then, you are at the right place as in this article you can find the complete information. 

What is the need of cleaning a Facebook profile?

Before heading on with the solutions on how to clean up your Facebook profile, let’s know a bit about reasons why one should consider cleaning their Facebook profile:

  • Outdated cover pic or profile picture.
  • The About section might contain some irrelevant data.
  • Friends list might consist of people that the user no longer wants to be on their list.
  • The intro section of the profile might contain old information or data.
  • The privacy settings of the profile are not updated
  • Irrelevant posts or updates in which the user might be tagged 
  • Too many irrelevant photos in the photo section. 
  • The user might be getting unimportant notification

Hence, to make the Facebook profile look good, one needs to clean up Facebook news feed and update their profile details by following some of the effective tips mentioned in this article. 

Effective ways to clean up a Facebook profile 

1. Update Facebook About info

Well, most of the users simply ignore this section of the Facebook profile, but this simple feature helps in enhancing the account. In this section, one can find details about the user’s school, work, contact information, and other personal details. 

So, in case, if the user has not updated About Info in a long time, it is recommended that they add new and relevant information to this section. 

2. Remove irrelevant post from the timeline 

Another great way of cleaning the Facebook profile is to clean up the Facebook news feed. The timeline of the user can display a combination of posts of both the user and posts shared by their friends in which they are tagged in which can sometimes fill up the timeline with many irrelevant posts. Hence, it is suggested to the users to remove or delete the unnecessary post from the timeline or newsfeed.

3. Update profile picture or cover pic

The profile picture and cover photo are the first things that one notices when they access any Facebook account. So, for the users who have not updated them in a while, it is suggested that they update them as it helps in notifying the other users that the certain user is still active on Facebook. 

4. Unfollow friends

There are chances that users might have some people on their list that they are no longer in touch with or wish to have contact with. So, it is highly recommended that the user just remove unnecessary friends from the profile.

5. Update the privacy settings

Facebook timely introduces various changes in the security settings of the account. Hence, to ensure the security of Facebook posts and accounts, it is suggested that the user update their account privacy settings. 

Thus, these are the ways on how to clean up your Facebook profile. So, try out these simple ways to make your Facebook appealing and updated. 

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