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How to connect iTunes with an iPhone?

How To Connect iTunes with an iPhone?

Facing issues such as Why wont my iPhone connect with iTunes?, well, you have come to the exact right place. In this paper we are going to include a step by step guide that will help you connect iTunes with an iPhone. So stay tuned and without much ado, let us get straight into this. 

In order to connect iTunes with iPhone, users are recommended to stick to the below mentioned steps: 

  1. First and foremost, users are required to select a computer with great storage in order to manage the iTunes library. Apart from this, a strong wifi connection is highly recommended. Also, the computer should be available to you all the time. 
  2. Next, users are required to install iTunes. This is a mandatory step for users who are utilising a P.C. and for doing so, users are first required to select the Start menu option, navigate to the Microsoft store. Hit the Search option and type iTunes. Select the Install option and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  3. Next, users are required to open iTunes. For doing so, users are required to navigate to the Start option.  In order to set up iTunes, users are required to follow the on-screen instructions. 
  4. Next step in line is to update the application. It could update automatically if users have installed iTunes through the Microsoft store. In order to update iTunes from Mac, users are required to select the following options system preferences<Software update. 
  5. Users are then required to Sign in iTunes with their Apple ID. You are required to select the Account menu that is present at the top. Click on the Sign-in option. Next, enter your Apple id username followed by the password. Hit the Sign-in option. 

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, users are then required to get started with the syncing process. In order to perform the same, users then are required follow the steps by step guide mentioned down under: 

  1. First and foremost, users are required to set up automatic syncing preferences. Prior to connecting your device to the computer, users are required to select the Edit option, and then select the Preferences option.  Select the Device option. Hit the ok option for automatic syncing. 
  2. Utilise your USB cable in order to establish connection between your iPhone or iPad. 
  3. After you have connected your device, the next step is to select the Device option. 
  4. Click on the option that reads ‘type of content you want to sync’. There are a lot of categories listed on the page. For instance, Music, movies and so on. 
  5. Users are now required to select the syncing options for the category. Under the Music options users will be able to sync the entire library and would be able to choose specific playlists. 
  6. Next, users are required to hit the apply option. If the automatic sync option is not available then you have to go for manual sync options. 
  7. You are required to repeat the steps in order to sync other content types. After this hit the Apply option. 
  8. Also select the option that reads Sync to Sync. Hit the done option that is available at the bottom-right corner and you are done. 

I hope this helps with how to connect iTunes with iPhone? 

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