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How to Delete All Photos From Iphone

How to Delete All Photos From Iphone

Steps to delete pictures from I phone permanently

Not having enough space in phone is a common issue every user juggles with. If you are I phone user then space is not a big issue but sometimes because of cache memory or unwanted files, phone might stop working. Therefore if you want you can delete those unwanted files. When we clear the memory of the phone to make space for the other files or applications then most of those unwanted data is u necessary pictures that user might have clicked or downloaded. As a mobile user most of the times we click pictures only. Therefore if you’re I phone is also not working properly then you also should clear up the space for following reasons.

Reasons to delete unwanted pictures from I phone:

  • While we browse internet or click selfies a lot of space gets covered.
  • Out of which few are unwanted ones acquiring unwanted space.
  • Most of the downloaded pictures are from sites that are not secured and can bring virus in the device
  • Also because of piled up cache device might start hanging

Steps to delete pictures from I phone:

1 Basic steps to delete images

  • Before jumping to complex steps here are few basic ones that you can follow.
  • Open the inbuilt photo application in your phone
  • Now next select all the pictures from the album that you want to delete
  • Once selected you will be asked to confirm the deletion of files
  • As you tap on trash icon your pictures will be deleted and move to recently deleted folder
  • If you want to delete the entire album then click select all.

2.Using a computer to delete pictures:

  • Suppose if you have too many pictures which is not possible to delete from phone then you can use your system to delete
  • Connect your phone with your system
  • Now you can see all of those pictures in your image cluster application in system
  • Select the images you want to delete
  • Once you have selected tap on Shift+Del keys and delete all the files

3.Resetting the Phone:

If your phone is not responding properly and you want to delete all the pictures then you can reset your phone. This will make your phone just like an empty new device and you can install applications accordingly. And for more information contact support.

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