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How to Disable Pop ups in Apple Safari

How to Disable Pop-ups in Apple Safari

The most annoying situation which users face while working on the apple safari browser is when the pop-ups appear while working on the browser. These pop-ups bring ads on the browser and most of the times these ads are not desired by the users. Such conditions causes issue to them and make disturbances in their working.

In order to make the appearance of the pop-ups blocked form the safari browser, users need to go through the following steps

  • Open safari browser
  • Select the option of preferences
  • In preferences, click on security option
  • Select the option of block pop-ups window
  • Deselect Allow WebGL and allow plug-ins

Once gone through these steps, users will be able to block pop-ups from the safari browser and get the desired pages hassle free avoiding ads on it.

Disabling pop-ups is an important part for the browser and it is advised to the users to block it if they do not wish to get any disturbing ads on the browser.

In order to disable pop-up in apple safari, users are required to follow these steps carefully and block the occurrence of pop-ups which are causing trouble to them in their work. For getting the quick assistance on the issues which they face with it, users should immediately contact the support experts of the apple safari which will provide the best assistance to them in their issues. The experts are available for the experts to provide them the step by step best solution so that they can overcome their issue.

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