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How to enable adobe flash player On Mac | Chrome | Edge

How to enable adobe flash player?

Adobe flash player is software used for creating content and execute rich internet applications that help in streaming audio and video. There are many times when the user ends up disabling Adobe flash player in their computer and then find difficulty in enabling it again.  You can follow these steps to enable the Flash player in a simple and easy way. Users can also uninstall and then do adobe flash player download and install it.

How to enable  Google Chrome version 67 or greater when Flash Blocked?

  • Select the enable flash button in the popup.
  • Tap on puzzle piece icon located in the upper right corner of the browser
  • Then hit on manage
  • Select the slider button to convert Flash settings from ‘Blocked Sites from running flash” to “ask first”
  • Click in refresh button
  • Select the enable Flash from the popup and then hit allow.

There is also another way to enable Adobe flash player if this is not working

  • Select on the chrome tab and then select preferences.
  • Then go down and tap on “advanced”.
  • Navigate to the “Content settings” tab.
  • Then scroll down to flash and find befunky plus remove anything under blocked the made URL and allow it
  • You will be able to notice that befunky is allowed now

How to enable adobe flash player on chrome?

Adobe Flash Player has always been an essential application to help us in viewing media-rich content on the web especially the visual stuff. It supports almost all kinds of visual formats on any web browser. Now, on the other hand, Google Chrome is the world’s most famous web browser and almost every third web user enjoys its benefits. However, users often face issues while viewing visual content on the web and one of the reasons this happens is because the Adobe Flash Player is being disabled on their web browser. So if you are also one of the users who is facing such an issue then here what you can do about resolving it.

Enable The Adobe Flash Player On Your Google Chrome: Steps

Well, the process is quite simple; all you have to do is to open your Google Chrome and go to its Settings section. Next, move down to the “Advanced” section and then inside it, go to the Content Settings and then select the Flash button. Here, find the “Block sites from running Flash" and then look for the Block section. Next, simply select the sites that you wish to remove from the list and then you can enjoy watching your favorite content via using the Adobe Flash Player.

Furthermore, contact tech support to help on how to enable adobe flash player on chrome from the experts.

How do I permanently enable flash in chrome?

Google, Chrome, Mozilla have been discontinuing the services of Flash for the past couple of years. But, there is still the number of users who want to maintain the older build of Google. For them, we are here with the steps that will help them to enable Flash in Chrome. It can be enabled temporarily for the websites.

Enabling Flash in Chrome:

Well, we have got many queries of the users asking “how do I permanently enable flash in chrome?” We are here with the steps that will help the users to enable flash in Chrome. Let us see the steps that you have to follow:

  • The first step is to visit the website hosting the flash content that you want to view. After the page has opened, you have to select the padlock or the information symbol in the address bar to the left of the URL.
  • The next step is to use the drop-down box in the site setting next to flash and choose the option of Allow. This will enable the flash across the entire website.
  • To allow the flash content to run, you have to refresh the page. The small pop-up can be used by you that will appear at the top of the main window of Chrome. You have to press the circular arrow button next to the address bar. You can also press F5 on your keyboard.

This article is the answer to the question, “How to enable adobe flash player?’. If the users are unable to do so, they can contact the customer support for more help. They can get assistance from them.

How to enable flash on Mozilla Firefox?

  • Visit and then choose "Allow" on the popup that appears. If the popup does not show, choose the plugin icon(grey block) on the left of the URL.
  • Choose allow and remember on the next popup that you will see.

How to enable flash on Safari?

  • Tap on Safari from the top menu then choose preferences
  • Choose the website
  • Navigate Plugin and find Adobe Flash player
  • Search Befunky and switch it on
  • Now refresh the page.

How to enable Flash on Edge

  • Open the settings of the browser then select the button on the top right side of the browser.
  • Navigate and select the settings button.
  • Locate and choose view advanced settings button
  • Now make  sure that adobe flash player button is on

These are the way to enable flash players on different devices from Windows to Mac. Follow these steps and you will be able to turn on adobe flash player. If still, you face any problem then call customer care number about how to enable adobe flash player they will help you in the best way possible. Users can also drop a mail writing about the problem or visit the help desk for more information.

Installation steps of Adobe Flash Player in Ubuntu

Flash Player is a web browser plugin that is required to watch videos and various interactive content on different websites. Although most of the latest websites are designed in HTML 5 and do not require Flash Player still some of the websites require Flash Player.

Install Adobe flash player in Ubuntu

If the user has an Ubuntu operating system and wants to have Flash Player installed in it, then the Linux command line is used for the installation. After installation, it can be enabled on any of the web browsers. If a user wants to know how to install Adobe Flash Player in Ubuntu 18.04 and Firefox web browser, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Enable Ubuntu Canonical Partners Repository- If a user wants to install the latest version of the Flash plugin, Canonical Partners Repository must be enabled on the computer system. By default, the option is disabled. To do this:

    • Open the system dash and then the Ubuntu terminal. The Ctrl+Alt+D keys are simultaneously pressed as a shortcut.

    • Then, enter the command as root so as to enable the repository.

    • After that, enter the root password for the system which will enable the repository.

    • In the next step, update the system repositories so that the latest version gets installed in the Ubuntu system. The code is entered to do so.

  • Step 2: Install Flash Plugin using apt package- To install the Flash Plugin in Ubuntu OS, the user needs to enter the command as Sudo in the terminal of Linux. The system will prompt an option of Yes or No to start the installation process. With Y, the Flash Plugin will get installed in the system.

  • Step 3: Enable Flash Player through Adobe website- To enable the plugin through the website, follow the steps:

    • Open the web browser on the system.

    • Then, browse the official link of the Adobe website.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the plugin.

If the user still has some queries about how to install Adobe Flash Player in Ubuntu, contact the technical support team of Adobe. The contact details are available on the Adobe website.

What will replace Flash Player in 2020?

At the end of the year, 2020 Flash will stop the adobe system will stop updating the Adobe Flash which is going to throw some industries especially related to the online educations or e-learning platforms in a lurch as they are going to experience a bunch of technical debts.

When Flash is going to end?

On the basis of the announcement of the year 2017 adobe will terminate all the operations and supporting the Flash by the end of the year 2020.

What will be the replacement?

Google which is the biggest search engine of the world is replacing the Flash Player permanently from chrome and going to use HTML5 as a replacement for the display of the content of the website.

Google is not the only online company to block the use of Flash Player, a while ago, Facebook which is the Social Media Giant also block the use of Flash Player and currently using HTML5 for playing the video on its website.

So as the replacement adobe flash player is the use of HTML5 for displaying content on the website. HTML5 supports responsive designs in order to make the website work on different devices and also support any kind of content to work on different devices without providing any extra effort in coding. 

What do I do if Adobe Flash player is blocked?


The Multimedia and graphics industry has taken a toll over all the industries because of the updated technologies in the animation field. Adobe Flash is one such technical software with which you can easily edit videos or pictures with sound and visual effects. 

What happens if Adobe flash stops working? 

Adobe Flash is a technical application and its very normal to stop working once in a while if not taken care of. And a lot of customers have reported of Adobe flash player getting blocked while using it. Henceforth if even your Adobe Flash player is blocked 2020 then follow the below steps. 

  1. First of all open the web browser you use to access online applications. 
  2. Now go in the settings section and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on advanced 
  3. Choose content settings and click on the flash link directly 
  4. Now you can directly unblock your Adobe flash player by switching the blocked sites from running sites to ask first. 
  5. In fact, you can also add a few websites to enable Adobe Flash to run on them. For doing so tap on add option, enter the URL, press the add button and you are done!

And that's all! With the help of the above given steps, you can easily fix Adobe flash being blocked. And if you have any doubt, reach out to the customer care team of Adobe!

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