last update Nov 22, 2021
How to find email attached to facebook account?

How To Find Email Attached To Facebook Account?

As we know that when a person creates Facebook, they used to link the Email address with the account. Now the Email Address becomes the user ID for signing in to the site. It becomes the place where the person gets to receive all information regarding the correspondence if you are dealing with the question that “How do you find someone hidden email address on Facebook” In case if the person forgets the Email ID, then they used to register the account again by the help of login credentials. 

See the procedure of finding the Email attached to the Facebook account:

In case if you are looking for information regarding theFacebook hidden email show, you should go through the information we have provided below. Go through them carefully:

On Desktop:

  1. Firstly the users are required to navigate to the Facebook page.
  2. Now, you get to see the “Email Address' named box in which you are required to fill out your Email. In some cases person won’t be able to remember the username, then they can also fill out their Registered mobile number.
  3. After completing the second step, you are required to write the password in the field.
  4. Now, you get to see the upper right corner of the news feed, and you can select the option of “Account settings”. The person’s email address is listed in the general account settings.

On Android:

  1. In the first step, users are needed to open their Facebook app on their android phone.
  2. Now you get to see the Facebook Options tab, which is located below the web page. In the bottom right, you get to know the menu.
  3. After completing the second step, users must scroll down the menu continuously until they reach the section of “Settings & Privacy”.
  4. When you tap out the option, you get to see various options in front o you.
  5. Now you get to see the personal information under the “Account Settings” section of the website.
  6. After completing the fifth step, you get redirected to a new page where you are required to click out the option of “Manage contact info”, and you get automatically redirected to the page.
  7. In this step, you are required to make the changes according to your needs.

On ios:

  1. Firstly, the users are required to open the Facebook app on their ios.
  2. As same in Android, the Facebook options Tab gets located at the bottom of the web age. Users are needed to scroll down the menu continuously.
  3. After completion of the second step, you get to see the information automatically. Generally, these are related to the linking of your Facebook account.
  4. In this step, click on the option “Manage account info”, and you can find the account information. Further, you can go for the redirecting of the link.

After reading out the detailed instructions, if there are additional queries, you can contact me through the Facebook phone number. There are other options also available like liver chat, Email etc. Live representatives remain round the clock available.

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