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How to Fix Roku Error Code 001

Roku is a streaming device that is used for streaming videos on television. Roku users face some error while using Roku for video streaming. One of error code faced by the users is Roku TV error code 001, commonly known as activation error. While you are connecting your streaming player to Roku account the server deny the activation code. This error occurs due to many reasons such as you are entering wrong activation code or there is server problem with Roku. If you want to know about how to fix Roku error code 001 follow the steps given below:

  • If you are facing the problem due to wrong activation code then ensure that the Roku link code you are entering is correct. Double check each digit and alphabet of the code and make sure that the Caps Lock key is on or not according to the requirement of alphabet.
  • Sometime the error is because of server error check your internet connection to make sure that your Roku device is not showing purple screen.
  • Check your internet set up for correcting this error.  Check the LAN settings and Ethernet link of your internet. Reset the router to make sure that internet is connected properly.

Note - Roku Error code 001 may happen if the code entered is incorrect or there is some problem with the server.

Roku Remote Not Working

What You Do When You Forget Your Roko Pin - 

  • Go to Type '' in the address bar of your browser and click enter. ...
  • Sign in to your Roku account. Insert your User that is your E-mail ID and your password to sign in to your Roku account. ...
  • Select Update. Locate the PIN preference. ...
  • Verify PIN. ...
  • Save Changes.

This is how you can fix the Roku error 001 you can also contact Roku support for the help regarding fixing this problem.

Note: Roku does NOT charge for device activation. 

Roku activation is FREE! 

Do I have to activate my Roku TV

You would to visit roku Official Website on your computer or smartphone, Write Down the code and follow the instructions (Given To You) to activate your Roku TV.

If your Roku remote not working then follow the enlisted procedure:

  • If you are using IR remote then check for the blocked signal because this may be the reason that your remote is not working.
  • Check the battery of your remote as dead and weak batteries causes the problem for Roku remote to work efficiently.
  • Restart the Roku remote and Roku stick to fix this problem. Remove the battery of remote to restart it and to restart the Roku stick unplug it wait for 5 seconds then connect it again to the device.             

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