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How to Forward or Move Emails to a Folder in Hotmail

How May I Move My Emails To A Folder In Hotmail

Hotmail application has done a lot of progress and it is regularly advancing according to the requirement.It is the right choice for the users because it has implemented multiple features in it.This is the perfect email app,depending upon current needs of users.Number of people have done registration with it and  even new users are keep on adding.There may be sometimes when individual needs instant help.For such occasions,there is need to connect with the support team as soon as possible. Number of problems are there,which has been solved by customer support team.

How to move emails to a folder in Hotmail?

  • First,users should go to “Tools”
  • It is now required to click the option of “Rules and Alerts”
  • Tap the option of “New Rule”
  • Select the option of “Move messages from someone to a folder” and tap “Next” button
  • From the first screen that will appear,there is need to select “from people or public group”
  • Now,there is need to click the words “People or public group”.Also,there is need to enter email address from the address book
  • User should now select the word that is specified with specific folder where user wants to send their message to
  • Individual can send emails to existing folder or even create a new folder
  • Tap “Next” and you will be able to add new conditions
  • If you are done with it,there is need to select the “Next” button
  • There is now need to name the rule and along with that “turn on rule” should be selected
  • Choose the button for “Finish” button

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