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How to Microsoft Account Password Recovery | Microsoft Password Reset Help

Microsoft Account Password Recovery 

Did you forget the password of your Microsoft account like Skype,, OneDrive, or Xbox Live? If yes, you are invited to follow some simple troubleshooting steps! In this regard, a simple thing you can do is to check whether the Caps Lock isn't turned on. Also, make sure that the entered password is correct. Or maybe you are entering a wrong username. So, you are first suggested to enter the right login credentials. If you are unable to make login even after entering the correct set of login credentials, go for password reset! Three Microsoft Account Password Reset methods have been given here. You can follow either of them; all these ways are result-oriented.

How do I recover Microsoft account password online?

  • Open your web browser

  • Launch the webpage of your Microsoft webmail

  • Go to the Reset your password page

  • Here you will be insisted on choosing the reason behind your password reset

  • Click on the Next icon

  • Now you need to enter your Microsoft account email address

  • Enter the email address of the account that is required to be recovered

  • A set of captcha characters will appear; enter these characters

  • Click on the Next icon

  • Do you have security info like the alternate phone number or email address on your account?

  • If yes, you will be sent a one-time code to the given option

  • The one-time code is needed to be entered on the blank box

  • It will enable you to make a new password

  • Make a password and enter it twice

  • Save the changes

How do I recover Microsoft account password in Windows 10 PC?

  • Open your web browser

  • Launch the webpage of your Microsoft webmail

  • Go to the sign-in screen

  • Is your Microsoft account name displaying on the sign-in screen?

  • Type it if it is not displayed

  • Choose the concerned account if there are multiple accounts on the PC

  • Now you need to go below the password text box

  • Select I forgot my password

  • The Recover your account screen will open

  • A set of captcha characters will appear; enter these characters

  • Click on the Next icon

  • Here you can choose to receive your security code either as an email message or text message

  • Type the last four digits of your phone number if you choose to get text message; select Send code

  • Type the email address if you choose to get email message; select Next

  • The Reset your password screen will open

  • It will ask you to create and enter a new password

  • Enter the new password twice

  • Select Next

  • It will set the new password for you

How do I recover Microsoft account password via live assistance?

The last but the easiest way to reset the lost account password is to get in touch with the technical associates of Microsoft support. The Microsoft account experts are filled with sufficiently trained tech support engineers who are promised to cater premium quality support services. That's why; Microsoft Account Password Recovery is easy if you make a conversation with the support engineers. There are many ways by which you can get in touch with these engineers and some of those ways are phone support, email support, chat support, and forum support. In all these ways, phone support is the most popular one as it is easy and effortless. Microsoft help phone number is compelling enough to resolve the technical problems faced the users within a duration of ten minutes; it is user-friendly and highly responsive. If you are busy and want to make a callback request, we suggest you prefer email support or forum support.

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