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Recover Forgot Google Account Password

Step 1: First Google account users need to visit the following link: and after that users need to text their email address


Step 2: Now Google account users should be to text the last Gmail account password, which one you have remember. Try to enter your accurate password or similar because similar password will help you more to recover your Google account.

gmail account recovery

Recover Your Google Email Account when Gmail users provided a Mobile Phone Number or Click to the Sign in Authentication


If Gmail users provided a mobile number to Google for two steps authentication, Then Gmail users will be visit to this screen

Step 3: Once Gmail users will secure their email account with a push notification prompt, then he/she will be taken to this screen:

google account recovery

By completing above step, Gmail users will be receive a push notification on your mobile/laptop/pc that verify, this account belongs to you or not.

If Gmail users receive the notification from Google account recovery team, then users need to follow the link and after that Gmail users will receive a verification code on a recovery email address.

google account recovery

Step 4: If Gmail users don’t have any recovery or backup email, then users need to to provide one working email address to Google:


If user of Gmail have already registered a recovery email id then Gmail users will receive a directly email from Google to your recovery email address:

Step 6: After getting the Google verification code, users need to enter that code in recovery dialog box.

verification code Gmail account

Step 7: Once Gmail users enter the verification code, Google will ask users to change account password now.


Google experts strongly recommend use strong password to keep your account safe from hackers or other people, Gmail account password should be:

  • Password at least 10 characters long.

  • Google password contains at least one upper & lower case letter.

  • Google account password should be at least one numeric.

  • It should be combination of one special character.

Google account recovery when Gmail users don’t have a mobile phone number, Now click on the login

Step 1: If Gmail users don't have any security measures in account then he/she will be visit to this screen: Here Google asked, Gmail account creation date: (This one is very tuff because no one know their email account creation date, if any gmail users have their account creation date, then user can easily access their account by following below steps)

google account creation date

Step 2: Now, Google asked users to enter a valid email address to get verification code.

Step 3: Now, Enter the verification code (Open email id for the code.)

Step 4: After that Gmail user need to click “Next”, Now Gmail users will send account recovery request to the Google.

Step 5: Now Google will verify Gmail account holder identity, Once user's identity approved by Google then users will get a recovery url.

google verify account

Step 6: Next, Follow the recovery url and change Google account password:

After Successfully Google account recovery, Users need to mention their recovery email or mobile phone number to keep their Gmail account safe.

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