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How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Google Drive

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Google Drive

Lost Your Google Drive Files Permanently? : Here’s The Fix

Losing your files temporarily is one thing but permanently losing them can be very frustrating. We often delete our files from our hardware and virtual storage devices. But we also lose track of time until the file is deleted forever from the trash bins. This is where we feel very disappointed and can’t do anything about it. Google Drive is one of the most common and popular cloud storage device which save you a lot of your space PC and mobile devices. It lets you create document online, store your media and other files. But most importantly it also saves those files which you might have deleted accidently or didn’t find them important.

However, if you have backed up your data on the cloud then it becomes pretty easy to recover permanently deleted files on Google drive. Therefore, this article will walk you through every step that you need to know about recovering deleted data on Google drive.

Important Steps To Recover Deleted Files On Google Drive

Google Drive stores your deleted files up to 30 days.  You can easily get them recovered by following various methods listed below. It is better if you recover permanently deleted files Windows 10This can help you to access the advanced options much easily.

Method One: Recover deleted files from Google Drive trash

  • Head over to the Google Drive website
  • Scroll to the “Trash” folder on the left
  • Now, select your files and then right-click on them
  • Select the “Restore” option

Method Two: Recover deleted files from G-Suite account

If you have a G-Suite account then things become pretty easier. You can recover your files from the following accounts.

  • An individual Google drive account
  • Already deleted accounts
  • Shared Drive

Here are the steps,

  • Log into your Admin Account
  • From the dashboard, click on Users
  • Now select the user account for which you want to recover data
  • Click on the three dot icon next to the selected account and then click on “Restore” option
  • Now select the time range and select drive from the application menu.

Hence, you’ll be able to recover all the files from your Google Drive account. Remember you can only recover files which have been there in trash folder until 30 days.  

Consequently, there are limited ways through which you can recover your deleted files on Google drive. Additionally, always try to recover permanently deleted files from pc. In this way, you will be to access all the advanced options easily.

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