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How to Reset and Recover Runbox Password?

Methods To Change, Reset and Recover Runbox Password

The most integral function of a mail account is to send and receive web-based mails within seconds. The mail account plays an important role in resolving all sorts of business as well as personal work instantly. But there are certain redundancies or technical glitches with the mail account which most of the users have a tough time to resolve. One such issue which users face with the mail account is password related issue. Users often complain that their account has been hacked and they are unable to recover the same. This kind of issue arises because of two reasons - one is they are not changing the account password at regular intervals and hackers are finding it easier to get into the account and the second reason could be because they do not know the effective way to change the password. Keeping all the concerns of the users there is a Runbox technical support that consists of immensely qualified and skilled technicians who assist the users in the best possible manner and resolve any of their password related issues within the shortest span of time. Users also have the privilege to go through the below-mentioned tutorial and get things sorted by self.

Are you looking to change or reset the Runbox mail account password?

  • Step 1: Users can first of all login to their mail account with the email id and the associated password.

  • Step 2: Users can then click on Settings and then on reset password which will allow users to change the existing password to the newly created password.

  • Step 3: Users can now firstly enter the current account password and then the new password into the three blank fields.

  • Step 4: Finally users can click on “Save Settings” and reset the account password.

Are you willing to recover the Runbox mail account password?

Recovery of the mail account is done when users have forgotten the mail account password. Users can follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure to recover the mail account password.

  • Step 1: Users can first of all click on the email icon and then on Forgot your password.

  • Step 2: Users can now enter the email for which password needs to be recovered.

  • Step 3: Users can then enter the captcha or characters as shown on the screen and then email for security check confirmation.

  • Step 4: Finally users can click on “OK” and then they can open the alternate email in which password recovery link will be available.

  • Step 5: Users can click on that link to create a new password for their mail account.

Are you unable to follow the above mentioned Runbox password reset & recovery tutorial?

If the tutorial is not being followed then that’s not a big deal as assistance can always be offered from the certified technicians by connecting Runbox experts through call. Remote technical assistance will be offered to the users to get the technical glitches instantly resolved.

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