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How to Reset and Recover Zoho Password | Zoho Account Recovery Help


Zoho is a MNC business software manufactured company. Zoho has developed and sell so many application and software. By Zoho email account one person can be able to send and receive the mails from another person.

How do i recover my zoho email account password ?

If any users from Zoho is looking help for the lost Zoho mail account password recovery then Zoho users need to  follow up the below mentioned steps. Read steps for ‘Zoho email password recovery’ :

Step 1: Start up your laptop/pc or devices.

Step 2: After that open any web browser in your system/devices.

Step 3: You need to enter On the address search bar and then press enter.

Step 4: Now you may click on sign in button

Step 5: Now enter your mail id and password, Click Submit

Step 6: Choose the ‘I don’t know my account password’ option and then Click to next.

Step 8: After completed above step, you may answer your secret questions and you can also recover your account by your registered mobile number.

  1. To Recover Your Zoho mail account by phone number

  2. Enter your recovery phone  number to get verification code

  3. Enter your verification code to prove your identity(this account belongs to you or not)

  4. Now you can access your Zoho mail account by setup a new password

Step 9: Now Zoho users need to give answer of the secret questions, Once your answer is related to your question then you are able to re-access your zoho account.

Hence follow up all the above mentioned details on Zoho password recovery with full guidance and step by step to make it simple to access.

How to Change Zoho Email Password & Zoho Password Change Help

If you have a Zoho email account then you must be know how to change the password of zoho mail account. So, Buzzmeweb provides you simple zoho change password steps that you can follow up easily on your phone device and computer/laptop. Follow the mentioned steps on how to change Zoho password:

  • Make sure that you have internet connection on your device/laptop.

  • The first step is to open your web browser and search Zoho mail login page(

  • Now, you have to click on the Login button.

  • After that, click on the Settings at right top side.

  • Then tap on the Account setting.

  • In the next step, click on on the Change Account Password button.

  • Now, you need to text your old password in the first box and then enter the new password in the 2nd field and after that you need to re-enter your new password, then click Confirm button.

  • “Done” Now your password has been changed.

How to Reset Zoho Password on Your iPhone/iPad

Zoho is popular email service provider across the world and it is also developed some popular software. Zoho mail always may be used on different type of the devices like iPhone, iPad and Android Phones as well.

By this way, if someone forgot their account password and trying to reset the zoho mail password on his iphone/ipad device, then users need to implement the zoho password reset steps, which is mentioned here.

Here are the simple ways on how to reset Zoho mail password immediately on an iPad/iPhone device:

  • Start your iPad/iPhone, then click on the Zoho app. (If anyone don't have Zoho application then go to apple app store and download Zoho app

  • After Implementation of above step, you need to tap on the Zoho app now and then enter the your Zoho email id and password.

  • Then, Click on the Submit Button

  • Now, your account can't login because you forgot your password

  • Then Click on the “Forgot Zoho Password” Page

  • Enter your mobile phone number to verify your zoho account.

  • Now you will get a verification code.

  • Enter your verification code in the available box, then click Continue.

  • Once your account verified then you can easily reset your Zoho account.

  • Now Select the change password option

  • Then enter and re-enter new password then click confirm link at the end of the Zoho password reset procedure.

If Zoho users looking for the other help and don’t know what to do then you can always feel free to visit to get solution for your every kind of Zoho account related technical problems. Zoho users can also reset their account by visiting Zoho account recovery help

This Article on Zoho account password recovery and Zoho password reset is only meant for providing information.

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