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How to Reset Cisco Router Password? [Solved]

How to Reset Cisco Router Password? [Solved]

Cisco router is one of the extraordinary and also amazing items being used in America. As the company deals in multiple networking and hardware related products. So among that its router is most used a highly demanding as well.  As this is the fact that Router is one of the most important gadgets to connect to the internet. So in this regard Cisco router is fulfilling the users demand and hence makes a good brand image in the market. Cisco routers are for the most part known for its quickest availability highlights which are difficult to discover in some other router. Often users encounter a few of specialized issues while utilizing the Cisco router. It is vital to know these issues previously looking specialized offer assistance.

Following are the methods for Cisco router internet network password reset-

  1. At very first open internet browser

  2. Then on address bar type URL “,”

  3. Now fill your current user name and password in the space given

  4. Next click on “Advance” option available on Tab level

  5. After that click on “Setup” tab available on the left

  6. Again click on “wireless” setup

  7. Now delete your current password

  8. After entering your new password, then click on “Apply” option of wireless setup windows

  9. Here you will find that your password has been changed.

  10. Now login to the wireless devices by using username and new updated password.

If you are standing up to any particular bug in your Cisco router from the above strides, by then don't be stressed. There are number of routes by which you can settle these specific issues and Cisco router toll free number is one among those, where you can benefit the best class courses of action from the tech group. These specialists are extraordinarily arranged and it doesn't have any kind of effect what is the issue. They can settle all your specialized issues inside brief period. So don't think too much and approach Cisco Router help center to get an effective help.

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