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How to self-install Xifinty internet?

Comcast proffer free installation to the users by providing a self installation kit. Everything is included in this kit like modem, cables, installation CD and cable splitter. One can easily install the Comcast’s Xifinty modem with easy and correct procedure of installation.

Have you recently purchased a Comcast’s Xfinity modem? Then you can easily enjoy the services of Xfinity internet. Do you want to install Xfinity internet by yourselves and you don’t have any knowledge how to do it? Then don’t be confused and read this article very carefully to learn about the instructions of installing Xfinity internet:

Steps to self-install Xfinity internet:

  • Step 1:- First of all, un-box your Xfinity modem and then check all the included parts.

  • Step 2:- Now attach the coaxial cable to the cable splitter with two prongs and screw the other end to modem.

  • Step 3:- Now unscrew the coaxial cable which is attached to the wall.

  • Step 4:- After that, unscrew the coaxial cable and then attach it to the splitter with a single prong.

  • Step 5:- Now insert the Ethernet cable into your computer’s Ethernet port and then plug it into the Comcast modem.

  • Step 6:- Plug your modem into the power socket and then turn it on.

  • Step 7:- Now insert Comcast Internet self-install CD into the CD-ROM of your computer and then click on the Install to complete the procedure.

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