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How to set up an auto reply on Facebook Messenger

How To Set Up An Auto Reply on Facebook Messenger?

Do you have a Facebook page? And do you wish to add an Auto Reply button to it? Well, an auto reply button can help you to send automated replies to through your page. Also, these replies are the first response to any message that is sent to you. Hence, you’ll get some time to respond the user later as per your convenience. Besides, the auto reply feature is one of the bests that can help you with the marketing strategy and maintaining communication with your users. Also if you publish engaging posts as well as advertise your content frequently, then you should definitely opt for including the auto reply button in your Facebook page.

In addition, the auto reply button also designs your Facebook page as the user help desk. Here’s why, your Facebook page becomes a platform to communicate with the users privately. Now, of you are unable to talk to the experts without sparing some time, then the auto reply feature can become handy. Therefore, read further to know about How to Set Autoreply on Facebook Page without any hassle.

How To Set Autoreply On Facebook Page? Instructions

The auto-reply feature is setup in the Facebook’s messenger that is linked to your page. In case, if you get unable to setup the auto-reply button, then you can contact the experts at facebook customer serviceIn addition, you can follow the steps mentioned below to set up the auto-reply button in your iPhone or Android device.

  • At first, visit the Facebook user sign page in your web browser, then get access to your account, and then navigate to your Business Facebook Page.
  • Next, you’ll need to head over to the Inbox, then scroll to the tab on the left-hand column that says Automated Responses.
  • Hereafter, go to the second column on the left, then hit the Instant Reply, and then and click on the Edit option.
  • Now, you’ll have the option to choose the platform where you can send your instant replies such as the Facebook (in terms of sending responses to comments), or the Messenger (where you’ll send responses to the message replies).
  • Also, you now customize the message and add personalization to it such as follows:
    • The first name of the recipient to whom you’ll send the message.
    • The last name of the recipient to whom you’ll send the message.
    • The full name of the recipient to whom you’ll send the message.
    • The Facebook page link, or the website link.
  • Next, check out if the reply button is all set as per your preferences, then you can use the preview button on the right-hand column to check the preview of your Messenger button in the mobile view as well.
  • Finally, hit the save button to save the changes for your auto-reply option.

Therefore, how to Set Autoreply on Facebook Page within no time. However, the auto-replies are not included in the Facebook page’s response rate or the response time. Hence, you’ll not be able to improvise the score by setting it up. Also, you won’t be able to send messages if your Facebook page’s messaging status is set to Away. Now, if you have a Facebook business page, then there might be chances that it will be heavily work-loaded with tons of messages, and a limited number of Facebook Moderators, hence it is suggested to set up an automated away messages. Therefore, users who will visit your Page, they’ll find the auto-reply button in the About section on the right side.

Moreover, if you wish to let know your users that your unavailable to respond through your Facebook page, then you could setup an “Away” or “won’t respond to messages” on your profile. Here’s how you can do this.

  • At, visit your Facebook business page, then move to the inbox section, and then select the Inbox.
  • Now, hit the tab in the left-hand column that says Automated Responses, and then move to the second column on the left section, and then hit the Away Message option, and then select the Edit button.
  • Next, scroll to the edit section, then pick your time zone, then the time range, and then the days of the week when you wish to deliver your message.
  • Hereafter, you can customize the message, then add an information about when you will be available to respond as per your earliest convenience. Also, you can add personalization as you did with the auto-replies.
  • Finally, hit the preview option, then click on the everything and save option to complete setting up the Away Message option in your Facebook page.

Just in case, if you are unable to get through the aforementioned process, then contact the facebook customer service, and get their help.

Contact Tech Support Services On How To Set Autoreply On Facebook Page

In the event, if the aforementioned information couldn’t help you with setting up the auto-reply option in your Facebook page, then worry not as you can contact the tech-support experts on Facebook, and get further assistance. The experts on facebook customer service will surely guide you with the best information on setting up the auto-reply button, marketing your content, content strategy, boosting your business and other aspects of your Facebook business page. Also, it is highly recommended to opt for the phone support option to talk to the live experts on Facebook and get on-time help from them.

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