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How To Unlock Kindle Fire Without Resetting?

How To Unlock Kindle Fire Without Resetting?

Re-kindle is an amazing device that is used for accessing digital platform related services like watching movies or listening songs and much more. However sometimes because of being ignorant towards the settings of the Kindle fire, people end up losing the track of the password and the device gets locked. However there are no worries because one can always fix the Kindle device with the help of this blog.

Why Kindle device gets locked?

If you don’t use your Kindle device for a long time then it will go in the sleep mode. And are you looking for the ways through which you can find how to unlock kindle fire without resetting then navigate through the device. You cannot simply reset the device from the sleep mode and unlock. You have to follow the below given steps.

Steps to unlock kindle fire from the sleep mode

  1. First of all slid and then remove the device from the sleep mode by tapping on the power button.
  2. If you are unable to find the power button on your device then look at the top where you will find the power button. Few of the devices have the power button there. Now move and just slide off the power button to remove from the power button.
  3. In the kindle fire button, you will find the power button around the bottom side. Slide and open the sleep mode.

What To Do if You Forget The Lock Screen?

It’s more than normal if you have forgotten the password of the kindle device. Here is How to Reset the Kindle Fire without Losing Data with the help of the below given process.

  1. Swipe to the left side of the screen on the device first.
  2. And now enter the incorrect password at least five times and then reset message will appear on your screen.
  3. Next try to select the reset option and then this will immediately reset your device to the factory default settings.

Tips to unlock the device without having to reset the device

Suppose if you are bound to reset the device to the original factory settings then you might have to face the issue of all data being lost. However whatever data you have downloaded from Amazon will still be safe on your device.

However you might have to download the content and for that you can register yourself on Kindle fire once again.

Contact the customer support for the further support

Sometimes few Kindle device users face other serious issues on their device and because of this they have to contact the support team for the further doubts. You can easily communicate with the support team of Amazon if you need more help. There are a few customer support helpline numbers that you can use for the reference.

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