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How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number?

How Can I Recover my Facebook Account Without A Phone Number?

Facebook users are blessed with varieties of features on the Facebook app that helps and assist them to do social media networking without any barrier. However other than the normal texting or sharing images/videos, one more thing that adds to the concern of Facebook users is forgetting the password of the account.

Recovering the lost password of Facebook

If you are looking for methods related to the doubts like how to recover your Facebook account if I lost my phone number then you have two to three methods with which you can restore the lost password. Tap below to find out. 

Ways to fix Facebook password without phone number

  • To recover the lost password of Facebook, you can either choose a recovery phone number or email address. Also just in case you are not able to fix the password using the recovery code of phone number then you can even choose the option email and through Facebook contacts. 
  • To recover the Facebook account, first of all, tap on the sign-in option and then look for the link that says ‘forgot Facebook password’ and then the page will be redirected to the account recovery page. 
  • Now enter the Facebook username if you remember for the cross verification and then choose any one option of Facebook account recovery. 
  • In case you don’t have access to the recovery phone then choose the email method instead of the phone number. 

Using the alternative email 

As you choose the email link, you will receive one recovery code via email that you can enter in the recovery box, and once accepted now select one password and enter. You can re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done

Choosing the method of verification through photos 

  • Just in case you have forgotten the information related to the Alternative email and recovery phone then you can go for the photos verification that will help you to recover the lost password.
  • In case you are trying to recover the password of the Facebook account without using traditional methods then firstly skip the alternative of account recovery mediums and directly move to other options.
  • For security purposes, you will be asked a few questions and if you answer all of them successfully then you will be asked to identify the pictures of few friends.
  • If you successfully pick the real people behind those photos then you can easily set a new password and then re-enter the password to confirm.

Approaching the customer care team

If you are still confused regarding the methods related to how can I recover my Facebook account without a phone number, and then contact the support team of Facebook. Simply drop the email or text on the live chat and then let the support team take over your doubts.

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