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[Solved] not working issues with Online Executives

How to fix not working?

A Roku device is perhaps the most ideal approach to jump into a universe of savvy streaming content. Sensibly valued, modest plans, and simple to-utilize controllers and interfaces are only a couple of the incredible things you can expect while adding a Roku to your home, paying little heed to the model. In any case, similar to all techs, Roku devices are wont to run into minor inconveniences sometimes.

Regardless of whether it's a glitch with the distance, the Roku device itself, or a slippery covered up gotcha like not working issue, Roku issues can be disappointing when they spring up. Fortunately 99% of the time, there's a simple fix. Here's top-notch of the most well-known Roku issues and how to fix them.

Common problems faced by Roku:

There are many common issues faced by users. Some of them are given below:

  • Roku remote control problems.
  • Roku Wi-Fi problems.
  • Roku audio problems.
  • Roku HDMI problems.

Effective ways to resolve the Roku issue:

1. Restart the Roku device: The basic way to fix the problem of Roku is Restarting of device. To do that, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Move up or down and choose Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Pick up the System Restart.
  • Use the remote’s directional pad right arrow button to highlight the Restart button and click on the OK button.
  • At last, your Roku device will now restart.

Many times, Roku devices will simply freeze up, and the remote appears to be completely insensitive. When this occurs, you can restart your device without requiring the on-screen menus. To do this, go through this button-press sequence on your Roku remote precisely:

  • Lean on the Home button five times.
  • Lean on the Up arrow one time.
  • Lean on the Rewind button two times.
  • Lean on the Fast Forward button two times.
  • After a few seconds of completing this sequence, your Roku must restart.

2.    Update the Roku software: On the off chance that a restart doesn't help, your software might be the issue. Roku Software refreshes normally happen naturally out of sight, with no requirement for you to make a move. Yet, once in a while, this cycle doesn't work. In case you're encountering issues, it's consistently a smart thought to check the status of your Roku software prior to proceeding onward.

  • Tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Move up or down and select Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Choose System Update.
  • This screen will show you the current software and build version, and the date and time it was joined to your Roku.
  • Select the Check Now to manually check for updates.
  • If an update for your software or your installed channels is present, it will be downloaded and installed automatically and your Roku will restart. It’s very necessary that this process is permitted to finish without interruption.


  • Perform a factory reset of the Roku device: As the name alludes, it restores your Roku to the first state it was in when you hauled it out of the crate which implies that the entirety of your settings including downloaded channels and network inclinations will be gotten out. Accordingly, we recommend your attempt this thing when all the other things fail.
  • Check the internet connection

After following the above-given ways, Sometimes, the Roku issue can be because of the weak internet connection. Make sure your device has an active internet connection for the proper functioning of the Roku device can easily resolve the Roku issue in a very secure manner.

If you have any queries or need assistance, you can contact the customer support team for Roku activation assistance. Moreover, you can go to the service desk of the Roku to sort out all your issues in a short span of time.

Why is my Roku code not working?

There are users who have recently purchased a Roku device and have got the activation code along with it. This code helps users to use the device after making it connected with the required device. However, if you are such a user who is facing the issue of Roku code not working and do not know what shall be done in such a case then you shall not be disappointed. 

Every user whether new or old can face this issue so you are not alone in this. There are other users who are also sailing in the same boat and searching for answers. 

To get rid of this issue, you can refer to the steps mentioned further in this article. 

Ways to Fix Roku Activation Code Not Working! 

  1. If you are facing the code not working issue then you can start with rebooting the device in which you have connected Roku. you also need to restart your Roku device. 

  2. Check if Roku is getting a proper power supply. If not then you can unplug the device and wait for 30 seconds and then plug the device once again. 

  3. If the issue still prevails then you need to lodge a complaint from the link not working by typing it in the search bar of any preferred web browser. 

  4. Also when entering the code, check the code if you are entering the correct code or not. 

If the above steps did not help then you are free to contact the customer service of Roku. This customer service gives free cost assistance.

How do I contact Roku Customer Support?

Are you using Roku service but unable to contact its Customer Support? Then, you should make use of the methods that are given in this content. It has a dedicated Roku Customer Service team that can be reached by phone or email method.

Contact Roku support through call

This method allows you to get in touch with official support by using the helpline number method. Here, you can get in direct touch of the support team with the use of the following steps.

  • First, visit the official Roku website through a browser.

  • Here, move to the support page and choose the Agent Support option.

  • Select your question and get the Roku support helpline number.

  • Use it to contact support and ask them to resolve your doubt.

  • Give the required details and get the necessary solution.

Contact Roku support through Email ID

Have any complaint against the services of Roku or suggestions, then, it is always recommended to contact Roku support via email. In this method, you can use these measures.

  • Go to the Roku website and move to its support section.

  • Here, get the Email ID of the support team section.

  • Use that ID to send an email to customer support.

  • Here, you first need to compose the email by describing the issue.

  • Wait for the reply to fix your issue.

You can also contact Roku Customer Service through the live chat option.

Why Is the Roku Channel Not Working? How to Fix It?

If your Roku Channel is not working then there might be plenty of reasons. Most of the time, such issues appear because of poor internet connectivity. And you can resolve the problems that you see with your Roku device by doing a few simple steps. Moreover, if you wonder how to fix it, you should go through the information mentioned below. This post has brought you a step by step guide to resolve not working issue. So, read along!

How to Fix It When Roku Stops Working?

Check Connection Status

  • First of all, you need to open the Settings on your Roku device.
  • Then go to the Network section and select the ‘About’ option.

If you see connected, it means the connection is good and internet access to your Roku device. Otherwise, you should fix it by checking your wifi network. You can try to connect your device with another wifi network or ask the operator to increase the internet speed to get hassle-free access to your Roku Channel.

Restart Your Roku Player

  • Similarly, go to the Settings on your device.
  • There you should select the System and choose the System restart option.
  • And, your Roku Player starts rebooting.

Once you try the above steps, you will no longer worry about any issue with your Roku Channel. If you still see the Roku Channel not working issue with your device, you need to contact the technical expert. The customer support team is there to provide you all information to get rid of the Roku error.

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