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How to setup the canon ts3322 printer to the Wi-Fi?

How to set up the canon ts3322 printer to the Wi-Fi?

Printers play an important role in running errands in professional life.  Just like you can’t live without the computer or the mobile phone, likewise, people, who work on the corporate front, would require printers for getting hard copies of certain documents.

Using the Canon ts3322 printer

When it comes to buying any gadget, the first priority of every customer is quality and performance. And if you are looking to buy any printer which is within the budget plus with all the latest features then you can buy printers like Canon ts3322.

Connecting the Canon printer Ts3322 to Wi-Fi

This model of Canon is one in all compatible packages that can be connected to any wireless device like laptop or phone and get the desired printout without having to move from one place to another. Plus if you want to find out how do I connect my canon ts3322 printer to Wi-Fithen follow the below-given steps.

  1. Are you using the Canon printer for the first time and still haven’t unpacked it? If yes then you can follow the easy steps and connect it to the wireless device. First of all, unpack the printer from the main box and then gather all the supporting devices like CD-ROM, Power cord, and ink cartridges.
  2. Now move ahead and then remove the entire protecting sheath and unpack it completely.
  3. Find a socket in the room with a running current and then plug in the main connection. Once done, now long-press the ON button to start the device for the first time.
  4. Now open the ink cartridge section and then wait till the ink cartridge comes in the center.
  5. Unpack the ink cartridge and then remove the entire package from it.
  6. Now close the ink cartridge after installing the ink cartridge.
  7. Next, open the paper support and then slid the paper guide towards the left corner.
  8. Now take plain paper and then put it in the feed slot.
  9. Moving on, adjust the loading paper with the help of a paper guide after sliding it to the right side.
  10. Also, pull out the output tray extension and prepare the printer for installing the printer driver.
  11. Just in case you want an internet connection to be connected to the printer you are using then make sure to tap on Wi-Fi settings and enable the internet connection.
  12. Now the CD-Rom that you have received, make sure to insert it in the computer’s CD Rom/Drive and also run up the setup file to start the installation program.
  13. Just in case your phone or laptop does not have any CD-Rom device then go to the canon’s official site and then download the printer driver package for the CD –ROM.
  14. Having completed all the steps, now at last run the installation file and then follow the steps as suggested on the screen and finish the installation task.

Also once finished, also make sure to verify the device and that’s how the Canon wireless setup can be installed.

Contacting the customer care team

Sometimes a lot of users, who are not able to fix the printer to the wireless connection, can also approach the customer care team for more help. You can contact the Canon customer care team on call or email and then reach out to the support team for getting the solution. You can take the help of the printer customer care team 24x7 to find out about the doubts and fix the device.

There are both calls and live chat options available for people who face doubts with their printer device. And you can call or drop an email at any point of the time.

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